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How To Click on Tab Control UIA_TabItemControlTypeId

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I have a winforms app with multiple tabs on a tab control, and I'm trying to tab to one of them.  I'm trying to use the Invoke pattern but it is not working.  Apparently a tab doesn't implement invoke?  What other pattern can I try?

#include "../uia/UIA_V0_64/UIAWrappers.au3"
#include "../uia/UIA_V0_64/CUIAutomation2.au3"
AutoItSetOption("MustDeclareVars", 1)


Func Example()
    ; Get Handle to the application
    Local $hWindow = WinGetHandle("Service/STG")
    If Not $hWindow Then Return ConsoleWrite( "Window handle ERR" & @CRLF )
    ConsoleWrite( "Window handle OK" & @CRLF )

    ; Create UI Automation object
    Local $oUIAutomation = ObjCreateInterface( $sCLSID_CUIAutomation, $sIID_IUIAutomation, $dtagIUIAutomation )
    If Not IsObj( $oUIAutomation ) Then Return ConsoleWrite( "UI Automation object ERR" & @CRLF )
    ConsoleWrite( "UI Automation object OK" & @CRLF )

    ; Get UI Automation element from window handle
    Local $pWindow, $oWindow
    $oUIAutomation.ElementFromHandle( $hWindow, $pWindow )
    $oWindow = ObjCreateInterface( $pWindow, $sIID_IUIAutomationElement, $dtagIUIAutomationElement )
    If Not IsObj( $oWindow ) Then Return ConsoleWrite( "Automation element from window ERR" & @CRLF )
    ConsoleWrite( "Automation element from window OK" & @CRLF )

    Local $pCondition, $pCondition1, $pCondition2
    $oUIAutomation.CreatePropertyCondition( $UIA_ControlTypePropertyId, $UIA_TabItemControlTypeId, $pCondition1)
    $oUIAutomation.CreatePropertyCondition( $UIA_NamePropertyId, "Service/STG", $pCondition2)
    $oUIAutomation.CreateAndCondition( $pCondition1, $pCondition2, $pCondition )
    If Not $pCondition Then Return ConsoleWrite("Property condition ERR" & @CRLF)

    ; Find the Service/STG Tab so we can click it
    Local $pTab, $oTab
    $oWindow.FindFirst($TreeScope_Descendants, $pCondition, $pTab)
    $oTab = ObjCreateInterface($pTab, $sIID_IUIAutomationElement, $dtagIUIAutomationElement)
    If Not IsObj($oTab) Then Return ConsoleWrite("Find Service tab ERR" & @CRLF)

    ; Invoke the Service/STG Tab
    Local $pInvoke, $oInvoke
    $oTab.GetCurrentPattern($UIA_InvokePatternId, $pInvoke)
    $oInvoke = ObjCreateInterface( $pInvoke, $sIID_IUIAutomationInvokePattern, $dtagIUIAutomationInvokePattern )
    If Not IsObj( $oInvoke ) Then Return ConsoleWrite( "Invoke object ERR" & @CRLF)


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      #include "..\Includes\UIAEH_AutomationEventHandler.au3" $hMain=GUICreate("UI Automation Event Handler") $idButtonOK=GUICtrlCreateButton("OK",10,10) $idButtonClose=GUICtrlCreateButton("Close",70,10) $idOutput=GUICtrlCreateEdit("",10,35,300,300) GUISetState() UIAEH_AutomationEventHandlerCreate() If Not IsObj( $oUIAEH_AutomationEventHandler ) Then Exit ConsoleWrite( "$oUIAEH_AutomationEventHandler ERR" & @CRLF ) ConsoleWrite( "$oUIAEH_AutomationEventHandler OK" & @CRLF ) Local $oUIAutomation = ObjCreateInterface($sCLSID_CUIAutomation, $sIID_IUIAutomation, $dtag_IUIAutomation) ;~ Local $oUIAutomation = ObjCreateInterface( $sCLSID_CUIAutomation8, $sIID_IUIAutomation6, $dtag_IUIAutomation6 ) If Not IsObj($oUIAutomation) Then Exit ConsoleWrite("$oUIAutomation ERR" & @CRLF) ConsoleWrite("$oUIAutomation OK" & @CRLF) Local $pIUIAutomationCacheRequest, $oIUIAutomationCacheRequest $oUIAutomation.CreateCacheRequest( $pIUIAutomationCacheRequest ) $oIUIAutomationCacheRequest = ObjCreateInterface( $pIUIAutomationCacheRequest, $sIID_IUIAutomationCacheRequest, $dtag_IUIAutomationCacheRequest ) If Not IsObj( $oIUIAutomationCacheRequest ) Then Exit ConsoleWrite("$oIUIAutomationCacheRequest Error" & @CRLF) If $oIUIAutomationCacheRequest.AddPattern($UIA_InvokePatternId) Then Exit ConsoleWrite("$oIUIAutomationCacheRequest.AddPattern Error" & @CRLF) If $oIUIAutomationCacheRequest.put_AutomationElementMode( $AutomationElementMode_Full) Then Exit ConsoleWrite("$oIUIAutomationCacheRequest.put_AutomationElementMode Error" & @CRLF) ;~ $pIUIAutomationCacheRequest=0 ConsoleWrite("--- Find window/control ---" & @CRLF) Local $pPane1, $oGUI $oUIAutomation.ElementFromHandle($hMain,$pPane1) $oGUI = ObjCreateInterface($pPane1, $sIID_IUIAutomationElement, $dtag_IUIAutomationElement) If Not IsObj($oGUI) Then Exit ConsoleWrite("$oGUI ERR" & @CRLF) ConsoleWrite("$oGUI OK" & @CRLF) Local $sNamePropperty, $sClassName1 $oGUI.GetCurrentPropertyValue($UIA_NamePropertyId, $sNamePropperty) ConsoleWrite("Name:" & $sNamePropperty & @CRLF) $oGUI.GetCurrentPropertyValue($UIA_ClassNamePropertyId, $sClassName1) ConsoleWrite("ClassName:" & $sClassName1 & @CRLF) ConsoleWrite("--- Find buttons ---" & @CRLF) Local $pCondition0 $oUIAutomation.CreatePropertyCondition($UIA_ControlTypePropertyId, $UIA_ButtonControlTypeId, $pCondition0) If Not $pCondition0 Then Exit ConsoleWrite("$pCondition0 ERR" & @CRLF) ConsoleWrite("$pCondition0 OK" & @CRLF) Local $pButtons, $oButton $oGUI.FindAll($TreeScope_Descendants, $pCondition0, $pButtons) ConsoleWrite("$oGUI FindAll()" & @CRLF) Local $oUIElementArray1, $iLength1 ; $pButtons is a pointer to an UI Automation element array $oUIElementArray1 = ObjCreateInterface($pButtons, $sIID_IUIAutomationElementArray, $dtag_IUIAutomationElementArray) $oUIElementArray1.Length($iLength1) If Not $iLength1 Then Exit ConsoleWrite("$iLength1 = 0 ERR" & @CRLF) ConsoleWrite("$iLength1 = " & $iLength1 & @CRLF) ; --- Code Snippets --- ConsoleWrite("--- Code Snippets ---" & @CRLF) Local $pElement1, $oElement1, $pCondition0 Local $sClassName1, $sLocalizedControlType1, $sName1, $hNativeWindowHandle1, $iError For $i = 0 To $iLength1 - 1 $oUIElementArray1.GetElement($i, $pElement1) $oElement1 = ObjCreateInterface($pElement1, $sIID_IUIAutomationElement, $dtag_IUIAutomationElement) $oElement1.GetCurrentPropertyValue($UIA_NamePropertyId, $sName1) ConsoleWrite("$sName1 = " & $sName1 & @CRLF) ;~ $iError = $oUIAutomation.AddAutomationEventHandler( $UIA_Invoke_InvokedEventId, $pElement1, $TreeScope_Children, 0, $oUIAEH_AutomationEventHandler ) ;~ $iError = $oUIAutomation.AddAutomationEventHandler( $UIA_Invoke_InvokedEventId, $pElement1, $TreeScope_Element, 0, $oUIAEH_AutomationEventHandler ) $iError = $oUIAutomation.AddAutomationEventHandler( $UIA_Invoke_InvokedEventId, $pElement1, $TreeScope_Element, $pIUIAutomationCacheRequest, $oUIAEH_AutomationEventHandler ) If $iError Then Exit ConsoleWrite( "AddAutomationEventHandler() ERR" & @CRLF ) ConsoleWrite( "AddAutomationEventHandler() OK" & @CRLF ) Next While Sleep(10) Switch GUIGetMsg() Case -3, $idButtonClose GUIDelete($hMain) MsgBox(0,"About to exit","") Quit() Case $idButtonOK GUICtrlSetData($idOutput,"You clicked on button" & @CRLF,"a") EndSwitch WEnd Func Quit() UIAEH_AutomationEventHandlerDelete() Exit EndFunc ; This is the function that receives events Func UIAEH_AutomationEventHandler_HandleAutomationEvent( $pSelf, $pSender, $iEventId ) ; Ret: long Par: ptr;int ConsoleWrite( @CRLF & "UIAEH_AutomationEventHandler_HandleAutomationEvent: $iEventId = " & $iEventId & @CRLF ) ;~ Local $oSender = ObjCreateInterface( $pSender, $sIID_IUIAutomationElement, $dtag_IUIAutomationElement ) ; Windows 7 ;Local $oSender = ObjCreateInterface( $pSender, $sIID_IUIAutomationElement2, $dtag_IUIAutomationElement2 ) ; Windows 8 ;Local $oSender = ObjCreateInterface( $pSender, $sIID_IUIAutomationElement3, $dtag_IUIAutomationElement3 ) ; Windows 8.1 ;Local $oSender = ObjCreateInterface( $pSender, $sIID_IUIAutomationElement4, $dtag_IUIAutomationElement4 ) ; Windows 10 First Local $oSender = ObjCreateInterface( $pSender, $sIID_IUIAutomationElement9, $dtag_IUIAutomationElement9 ) ; Windows 10 Last $oSender.AddRef() GUICtrlSetData($idOutput,"InvokedEvent:" & UIAEH_GetCurrentPropertyValue( $oSender, $UIA_NamePropertyId ) & @CRLF,"a") ConsoleWrite( "Title = " & UIAEH_GetCurrentPropertyValue( $oSender, $UIA_NamePropertyId ) & @CRLF & _ "Class = " & UIAEH_GetCurrentPropertyValue( $oSender, $UIA_ClassNamePropertyId ) & @CRLF & _ "Ctrl type = " & UIAEH_GetCurrentPropertyValue( $oSender, $UIA_ControlTypePropertyId ) & @CRLF & _ "Ctrl name = " & UIAEH_GetCurrentPropertyValue( $oSender, $UIA_LocalizedControlTypePropertyId ) & @CRLF & _ "Handle = " & "0x" & Hex( UIAEH_GetCurrentPropertyValue( $oSender, $UIA_NativeWindowHandlePropertyId ) ) & @CRLF & _ "Value = " & UIAEH_GetCurrentPropertyValue( $oSender, $UIA_ValueValuePropertyId ) & @CRLF ) MsgBox(0,"","Invoke event") Return 0x00000000 ; $S_OK #forceref $pSelf EndFunc ; Auxiliary function (for simple properties only) ; There must be only one instance of this function Func UIAEH_GetCurrentPropertyValue( $oSender, $iPropertyId ) Local $vPropertyValue $oSender.GetCurrentPropertyValue( $iPropertyId, $vPropertyValue ) Return $vPropertyValue EndFunc  
    • By adityaparakh
      Hello ,
      I am trying to fetch data and control a Windows Program.
      The data isn't reflected in the Au3Info tool , hence used SimpleSpy UIA , for trying.
      The code is able to fetch only one row at a time.
      Most Strangely , the code doesn't retreive the same specified row consistently.
      If I run the same code , under same circumstance , it is still fetching different rows.
      This was when op2 and op3 were zero. I would not like to use this at all.

      Also , it takes 3 seconds for it search down the hiearchy and reach the row.
      I will need to fetch ALL the rows continuously for 6 hours every second , in a minimized state.
      Can you please help.
      Attached :
      1. AuInfo summary
      2. Code
      3. Simple Spy Summary
      The Actions I am trying to do (in a Minimzed State - not affecting usage of computer for other purposes)
      1. Fetch all Rows (number of rows will not always be constant
      2. Press the Check box for a specific row(s)
      3. Press the squareOff button on top
      Thanks a lot
      #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> #include "UIAWrappers.au3" AutoItSetOption("MustDeclareVars", 1) Local $oP8=_UIA_getObjectByFindAll($UIA_oDesktop, "Title:=MO Trader;controltype:=UIA_WindowControlTypeId;class:=WindowsForms10.Window.8.app.0.3e799b_r8_ad1", $treescope_children) _UIA_Action($oP8,"setfocus") Local $oP7=_UIA_getObjectByFindAll($oP8, "Title:=;controltype:=UIA_PaneControlTypeId;class:=WindowsForms10.Window.8.app.0.3e799b_r8_ad1", $treescope_children) _UIA_Action($oP7,"setfocus") Local $oP6=_UIA_getObjectByFindAll($oP7, "Title:=;controltype:=UIA_PaneControlTypeId;class:=WindowsForms10.Window.8.app.0.3e799b_r8_ad1", $treescope_children) _UIA_Action($oP6,"setfocus") Local $oP5=_UIA_getObjectByFindAll($oP6, "Title:=;controltype:=UIA_PaneControlTypeId;class:=WindowsForms10.Window.8.app.0.3e799b_r8_ad1", $treescope_children) _UIA_Action($oP5,"setfocus") Local $oP4=_UIA_getObjectByFindAll($oP5, "Title:=Day Net Position;controltype:=UIA_PaneControlTypeId;class:=WindowsForms10.Window.8.app.0.3e799b_r8_ad1", $treescope_children) _UIA_Action($oP4,"setfocus") Local $oP3=_UIA_getObjectByFindAll($oP4, "Title:=;controltype:=UIA_PaneControlTypeId;class:=WindowsForms10.Window.8.app.0.3e799b_r8_ad1", $treescope_children) _UIA_Action($oP3,"setfocus") Local $oP2=_UIA_getObjectByFindAll($oP3, "Title:=0.0000;controltype:=UIA_PaneControlTypeId;class:=WindowsForms10.Window.8.app.0.3e799b_r8_ad1", $treescope_children) _UIA_Action($oP2,"setfocus") Local $oP1=_UIA_getObjectByFindAll($oP2, "Title:=0.0000;controltype:=UIA_TableControlTypeId;class:=WindowsForms10.Window.8.app.0.3e799b_r8_ad1", $treescope_children) _UIA_Action($oP1,"setfocus") Local $oP0=_UIA_getObjectByFindAll($oP1, "Title:=Data Panel;controltype:=UIA_CustomControlTypeId;class:=", $treescope_children) ;~ First find the object in the parent before you can do something Local $oUIElement=_UIA_getObjectByFindAll($oP0, "title:=Row 12;ControlType:=UIA_CustomControlTypeId", $treescope_subtree) _UIA_action($oUIElement,"click") Local $string = _UIA_action($oUIElement,"getValue") MsgBox($MB_OK,"", $string) Local $oUIElement2=_UIA_getObjectByFindAll($oP0, "title:=Row 6;ControlType:=UIA_CustomControlTypeId", $treescope_subtree) _UIA_action($oUIElement2,"click") Local $string2 = _UIA_action($oUIElement2,"getValue") MsgBox($MB_OK,"", $string2)  

      SimpleSpy Row.txt
    • By nooneclose
      Good morning, all. I am having a very hard time figuring out why my code "breaks" every second (and every time after) iteration in the loop. 
      I am trying to automate the process of filling out a form for work. I need to find and send data to seven fields and get data from one field. 
      Here are a couple of pictures of the fields I am interacting with. The fields are on the same forum/page. (the green boxed ones)

      Here is my code so far. 
      #AutoIt3Wrapper_Au3Check_Parameters=-q -d -w 1 -w 2 -w 3 -w- 4 -w 5 -w 6 -w- 7 ;Allows for the combining of UDFs by disabling error messages. (I get error messages for "problems" that dont actually exsist) #include <AD.au3> ;Allows Active Directory functions #include <Array.au3> ;Allows special Array functions #include <Constants.au3> ;Allows constants to be used #include <Date.au3> ;Allows Date and Time functions #include <DateTimeConstants.au3> ;Allows Date and Time constant functions #include "DTC.au3" ;Allows Custom Date and Time functions #include <IE.au3> ;Allows Internet Explorer functions #include <Misc.au3> ;Allows the "is pressed" function to be used #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> ;Allows Message box function to be used #include <OutlookEX.au3> ;Allows the Outlook functions #include <String.au3> ;Allows special string functions #include <StringConstants.au3> ;Allows String constant functions #include <Timers.au3> ;Allows timer functions ;#RequireAdmin ;Requests admin privliges before starting program ; Special UDFs for UIA automation #include <EditConstants.au3> #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #include <WindowsConstants.au3> #include <debug.au3> #include <WinAPI.au3> #include "UIAWrappers.au3" #AutoIt3Wrapper_UseX64=N ;Should be used for stuff like tagpoint having right struct etc. when running on a 64 bits os ;******************************************************************************* ; Format and send the vaild E-mail's contents ;******************************************************************************* Func SendEmailData() ConsoleWrite("Action 16: Send E-mail Data to it's proper fields" & " at line: " & @ScriptLineNumber & @CRLF) ;=============================================================================== ; Store the Elements ;=============================================================================== ; Description _UIA_setVar("oDescription","Title:=Description:;controltype:=UIA_EditControlTypeId;class:=") ; Long Description OK Button _UIA_setVar("oLongButton","Title:=Long Description;controltype:=UIA_ImageControlTypeId;class:=") _UIA_setVar("oLongOk","Title:=OK;controltype:=UIA_ButtonControlTypeId;class:=") ; Work Order Number _UIA_setVar("oWorkOrderNum","Title:=Work Order:;controltype:=UIA_EditControlTypeId;class:=") ; Location _UIA_setVar("oLocation","Title:=Location:;controltype:=UIA_EditControlTypeId;class:=") ; Work Type _UIA_setVar("oWorkType","Title:=Work Type:;controltype:=UIA_EditControlTypeId;class:=") ; Reported By Date _UIA_setVar("oDate","Title:=Reported Date:;controltype:=UIA_EditControlTypeId;class:=") ; Reported By Person _UIA_setVar("oCustomer","Title:=Reported By:;controltype:=UIA_EditControlTypeId;class:=") ; Reported By Email _UIA_setVar("oEmail","Title:=Reported By Email:;controltype:=UIA_EditControlTypeId;class:=") ; Reported By Phone _UIA_setVar("oPhone","Title:=Reported By Phone:;controltype:=UIA_EditControlTypeId;class:=") Local $WorkType = "CM" ; Send the stored data to the proper field Local $stringSplitter = ", " Local $conCateStrings = $eDescription & $stringSplitter & $eComments Local $ComStringLen = StringLen($eComments) Local $TrimedDesc = StringTrimLeft($eDescription, 1) ;=============================================================================== ; Check to see if the Description and the Long Description can be concatenated If StringLen($conCateStrings) <= 100 Then Sleep(2000) _UIA_action("oDescription","highlight") Sleep(300) _UIA_Action("oDescription","setfocus") Sleep(300) _UIA_action("oDescription","click") Sleep(500) _UIA_action("oDescription", "setvalue", $conCateStrings) _UIA_action("oDescription","highlight") ; Wipes the long description so no duplication happens $eComments = "" ;=============================================================================== ; Send the Long Description in place of the Description ElseIf $TrimedDesc = "Other" AND $ComStringLen <= 100 Then Sleep(2000) _UIA_action("oDescription","highlight") Sleep(300) _UIA_Action("oDescription","setfocus") Sleep(300) _UIA_action("oDescription","click") Sleep(500) _UIA_action("oDescription", "setvalue", $eComments) _UIA_action("oDescription","highlight") Sleep(2000) ;=============================================================================== ; Send the Long Description in place of the Description and Send the rest of it to the Long Description field ElseIf $TrimedDesc = "Other" AND $ComStringLen >= 100 Then SplitLongDesc() ; Description gets the first 100 Characters $eDescription = $FirstLine ; Long Description gets the rest $eComments = StringMid($sNewString, 101) Sleep(2000) _UIA_action("oDescription","highlight") Sleep(500) _UIA_Action("oDescription","setfocus") Sleep(500) _UIA_action("oDescription","click") Sleep(500) _UIA_action("oDescription", "setvalue", $eDescription) _UIA_action("oDescription","highlight") Sleep(2000) ;=============================================================================== ; Send the Description and some of the Long Description ElseIf StringLen($eDescription) <= 80 AND $eComments <> "" Then SplitLongDesc() ; Description gets the first 100 Characters $eDescription = $FirstLine ; Long Description gets the rest $eComments = StringMid($sNewString, 101) Sleep(2000) _UIA_action("oDescription","highlight") Sleep(300) _UIA_Action("oDescription","setfocus") Sleep(300) _UIA_action("oDescription","click") Sleep(500) _UIA_action("oDescription", "setvalue", $eDescription) _UIA_action("oDescription","highlight") Sleep(2000) ;=============================================================================== ; Send the original Description Else Sleep(2000) _UIA_action("oDescription","highlight") Sleep(300) _UIA_Action("oDescription","setfocus") Sleep(300) _UIA_action("oDescription","click") Sleep(500) _UIA_action("oDescription", "setvalue", $eDescription) _UIA_action("oDescription","highlight") Sleep(2000) EndIf ;=============================================================================== ; Click the long description button Sleep(2000) _UIA_action("oLongButton","highlight") Sleep(300) _UIA_Action("oLongButton","setfocus") Sleep(300) _UIA_action("oLongButton", "click") _UIA_action("oLongButton", "highlight") _UIA_action("oLongButton", "click") Sleep(2000) ;=============================================================================== ; Send the long description Sleep(1000) if StringLen($eComments) >= 250 Then Sleep(500) Send($eComments) Sleep(10000) ElseIf StringLen($eComments) >= 150 Then Sleep(500) Send($eComments) Sleep(6000) ElseIf StringLen($eComments) <= 10 Then Sleep(500) Send($eComments) Sleep(1500) Else Sleep(500) Send($eComments) Sleep(4000) EndIf ;=============================================================================== ; Click the ok button Sleep(2000) _UIA_action("oLongOk","highlight") Sleep(300) _UIA_Action("oLongOk","setfocus") Sleep(300) _UIA_action("oLongOk", "click") _UIA_action("oLongOk", "highlight") Sleep(2000) ;=============================================================================== ; The work order number _UIA_action("oWorkOrderNum","highlight") Sleep(300) _UIA_Action("oWorkOrderNum","setfocus") Sleep(300) _UIA_action("oWorkOrderNum", "getvalue", $WoNum) _UIA_action("oWorkOrderNum","highlight") ;MsgBox("", "Work order number", $WoNum[2]) ;=============================================================================== ; The Location field Sleep(2000) _UIA_action("oLocation","highlight") Sleep(300) _UIA_Action("oLocation","setfocus") Sleep(300) _UIA_action("oLocation", "setvalue", $eLocation) _UIA_action("oLocation","highlight") ;=============================================================================== ; The Work Type field Sleep(2000) _UIA_action("oWorkType","highlight") Sleep(300) _UIA_Action("oWorkType","setfocus") Sleep(300) _UIA_action("oWorkType", "setvalue", $WorkType) _UIA_action("oWorkType","highlight") ;=============================================================================== ; The Reported By Date Sleep(2000) _UIA_action("oDate","highlight") Sleep(300) _UIA_Action("oDate","setfocus") Sleep(300) _UIA_action("oDate", "setvalue", $eSentOn) _UIA_action("oDate","highlight") ;=============================================================================== ; The Requested by field Sleep(2000) _UIA_action("oCustomer","highlight") Sleep(300) _UIA_Action("oCustomer","setfocus") Sleep(300) _UIA_action("oCustomer", "setvalue", $eReportedBy) _UIA_action("oCustomer","highlight") ;=============================================================================== ; The Requested by E-mail Sleep(2000) _UIA_action("oEmail","highlight") Sleep(300) _UIA_Action("oEmail","setfocus") Sleep(300) _UIA_action("oEmail", "setvalue", $eSenderAddress) _UIA_action("oEmail","highlight") ;=============================================================================== ; The Requested by Phone Sleep(2000) _UIA_action("oPhone","highlight") Sleep(300) _UIA_Action("oPhone","setfocus") Sleep(300) _UIA_action("oPhone", "setvalue", $eRoomPhone) _UIA_action("oPhone","highlight") MouseClick("left", 1843, 437, 2) Sleep(1500) Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Send("{UP}") Sleep(1000) MouseClick("left", 591, 279, 2) Sleep(3000) $lCount += 1 ConsoleWrite("Action 16: Finished" & " at line: " & @ScriptLineNumber & @CRLF) Sleep(2000) EndFunc  
      That is not all the code but that is the function that keeps "breaking" and by "breaking" I mean the program acts like it doesn't know where the description field is after the first iteration.
      My code will just click somewhere in the far top left corner and somehow shrink the browser in the process of finding the description field.  
      The code works perfectly the first iteration but after that, it "breaks" (doesn't know where to click/send data to). 
      As always any help is greatly appreciated. 
      NOTE: By the time 'Action 16' runs Chrome has already been opened and has navigated to the proper webpage.  I am trying to loop 'Action 16' multiple times. I do not leave that webpage while looping. 
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