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[Graphic] Function to make graph like Excel

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Hi all, for my first attempt with autoit i have try to create a function to create some simple graph like excel

hope you like it

it support color change by the value

hint display the value in % of the graph and a comment if you enter one :P

it's always under developement, put i post it for have your comment before made some crap :lmao:

Posted Image

I have written a litle app for try this function, it can generate random graph or/and your graph you entered

how to use :

method one : auto demo

just click on "Créer/Modifier" button

method two : manual demo

in the combo box choose the number of graph to change

then in the edit box enter a comment if you want

then in the third box (at the bottom) enter the value between 0 and 100


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Well ive never seen anything like this keep up the good work. :P

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