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Wi3SMenu UDF - Slide Menu Win 10 Style


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41 minutes ago, farouk12 said:

but when i set alpha in Wi3SMenu_Create to number rather then -1 the whole menu doesn't display.


If $iAlpha <> -1, don't set windows theme to Classic.

WS_EX_LAYERED something error when work in Windows 7/Vista.

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Hi,I want to add a separate width parameter to the menu. How do I do that?like this:Wi3SMenu_Create($hParent, $iMaxWidth = 150, $Width = 100, $iItemSize = 50, $sMenuName = Null, $iBack = 0x1F1F1F, $iFore = 0xFFFFFF, $iAlpha = -1, $bTabMode = False, $bAutoHide = True)

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