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WebDriver UDF (W3C compliant version) - 06/04/2022

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Introduction This UDF will allow you to interact with any browser that supports the W3C WebDriver specifications. Supporting multiple browsers via the same code base is now possible with just a f

Latest update just released. See below for change log.  

Latest update just released. See below for change log.  

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Hi all & Dan,

What's the trick to getting Webdriver to wait until a page is fully loaded. This  example is of a website which has been giving me a problem all morning and maybe you can see it taking a while to load when you test this example (if you even have to test it since you might know why without testing)


   SplashTextOn('Notice', 'Loading Website ... ',500,150,default,default,33,'Arial',14)
        _WD_Navigate($sSession, 'https://www.tutorialspoint.com/html/html_frames.htm')
        _WD_LoadWait($sSession, 300,40000)

Before the 40 seconds it moves on but the page isn't fully loaded


Strange thing is that this doesn't seem to work right either (as far as I understand)

Func ExampleNoLoad()
    $iResult = 0
    HotkeySet ( "+{ESC}", "_Exit" ) ;+shift !alt ^ctrl #winkey
    $hTimer = TimerInit()
    SplashTextOn('Notice', 'Loading Website ... ',500,150,default,default,33,'Arial',14)
        _WD_Navigate($sSession, GUICtrlRead($XpathUrl))
        While $iResult = 0
            $iResult = _WD_LoadWait($sSession, 300,3000)
            ConsoleWrite("-Waiting " & Round(TimerDiff($hTimer)/1000,1) & @TAB & "Failed->" & @TAB & "$_WD_ERROR_Timeout=" & @error & @CRLF)
EndFunc ;==ExampleNoLoad
Func _Exit()
    ConsoleWrite("Started Func _Exit()" & @CRLF)
EndFunc   ;==>Exit

The above code loops and checks every 3 seconds for a _WD_LoadWait success but until that happens it prints out every timeout failure error to the console. Strange that it keeps displaying 0 as the timeout error yet the top left of chrome is still showing the tab is loading and it doesn't seem to make a difference or move forward after the tab loaded.

Thanks for all help and tips.

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