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Write COM Serial Port to file

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Hi All, 

I have a project where i monitor a system that connects to dozens of temperature sensors and I require the following;

  • Program 1 imports a text file row items into an array/list on launch, This will define what string pattern I am looking for and how many items to use
  • Program 1 then checks this array/list against a string that is being sent to say Windows COM1, whenever an event occurs
  • Program 1 then checks the string eg. "TEMP001-ALARM" and writes this to a log file with time stamp if it matches an item in the list/array 
  • Program 1 or another Program 2 monitors this log file an on "TEMP001-ALARM" it triggers an email saying Temperature 1 is in Alarm
  • When Program 1 gets sent "TEMP001-NORMAL" string to COM1 it writes this to the log file and time stamps it
  • Program 2 then sees this chnange from alarm back to normal and sends an email stating Temperature 1 alarm has cleared
  • Must support up to 100 temperature alarms
  • Must support 7 days logging, possibly copying a backup and overwriting every 7 days etc. 

Reason I am looking at AutoIT is because of the GUI functions were I could launch these 1/2 programs from and have status of "Running" or "Off" and also display the log in like a console window inside the GUI, possibly also editing the rows it imports from this GUI as well.

Is this too ambitious a project for AutoIT? I have VBScript, PHP and Python experience but not fluent enough to get everything into a GUI. This would work really well if its doable.

Has anyone done something similar? Advice?

Many Thanks.

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