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    • By TheSaint
      An adaption of an adaption.
      A good while back, I created a program, KindEbook Wishlist, that I use most days and is still available here at the forum. It works well, keeping tabs on price changes for Kindle ebooks at Amazon ... at least for my modest wants.
      About a year or so later, I struck upon the idea of adapting that program for CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays etc from the JB Hifi store, where there was a limit of about 50 items on the in-store wishlist. JB Wishlist is kind of a niche program, really only suitable for those from AUS, at the AutoIt Forum, who would want such a thing ... so not many I imagine, so it has never been available here. However, if you meet that criteria etc, and are willing to register at the AutoIt4Life Clubrooms, then it is available in the Project Chat section there ... though not the more recent updates (you need to ask me about them). That too, works quite well for my modest needs, and even includes an additional Preview & Summary window, which KindEbook Wishlist doesn't have ... though both programs do have access to a Details window per item, that is like the Preview window ... just doesn't constantly display alongside the Main program window (see later for an example with IonGoG Wishlist).
      So, now we come to IonGoG Wishlist, which is an adaption of the JB Wishlist program, and used for keeping tabs on GOG Games ... prices, history of changes, bought list, etc.
      IonGoG Wishlist is an incomplete adaption, so still in beta ... though all the really important elements work well enough. I have been working on it in dribs and drabs, and I now think it has come to a reasonable enough stage to share it ... just be advised, that some of the features accessed via the right-click menu etc, may not work or give strange results. Any of the options that I have given an Accelerator key facility to, should be working fine ... and most of the others are too ... and I am not even sure at this point, of what remains to be adapted ... not much I imagine.
      The name by the way, in case you were wondering, is a phonetic mangling on the words - keep an Eye On your GOG Wishlist.
      Here is a screenshot, with the Preview window on left. The Preview window can be placed at right instead or even turned off.

      Download, includes source files.
      IonGoG Wishlist v0.0_b28.zip  (see detail at Post#23)
      I have another program that GOG users may be interested in, that can assist with getting game images that IonGoG Wishlist gets and doesn't get ... larger versions taken from modified thumbnail links in their GOG Library.
      Downloads Dropbox  (see the GOG example in Post #7)
      In reality, compared to most stores I have come across, the GOG store is great, well setup and laid out. and for most things, including their Wishlist, is more than adequate. So I rarely do a full list Price Query ... so much quicker and easier to just check the two pages of my in-store wishlist. When I first started work on IonGoG Wishlist, the in-store wishlist wasn't as good as it is now.
      All that said, I still find it handy to use IonGoG Wishlist, for a variety of things - Offline browsing, Cover images to use with my bought & downloaded game folders, price changes history (and patterns of GOG behavior for sales etc), a bought list (with price I paid and date etc), Game Notes & Warnings, etc. And while not as quick as just checking the pages of your in-store wishlist, you can just set the full, favorites or non-favorites Query going, while you go away and do something else, and then later come back and look at the highlighted changes that may have occurred.
    • By TheSaint
      Only early days at this point, but I have been pondering such a program for a while.
      As good as calibre is (thank you Kovid Goyal), which is a great and wonderful ebook suite of tools and a fair database, it does have its limitations. One of which, is how it deals with multiple libraries, another is the views you get. CalibBrowser will seek to address those.
      What CalibBrowser is not going to be, is an editor for existing calibre libraries. That will be left up to calibre, which is very much needed still, and covers many aspects I will never look at. Unlike calibre, which is quite a complex program, CalibBrowser also seeks to be simple. It is mainly a viewer, at this point, but will later be able to create its own libraries. However, it does not and will not export them to calibre, especially as calibre employs a far different method and structure to what CalibBrowser will employ.
      When CalibBrowser starts, it looks for calibre executables and the main Calibre Library. Whatever isn't found, you get prompted for with a browse option.
      A calibre library, is a set of ebook folders (Author\Ebooks) and a database file, always named metadata.db, and which causes an issue when it comes to multiple libraries, but makes life a bit easier when reconstructing any corrupted libraries. However, there are better ways to deal with that, as my program will show.
      The metadata.db file is an SQL database, so I am having a learning curve right now, as I have only ever dealt with an SQL database previously, codewise, when I created my INItoSQL program some time last year, as an exercise to prove a point.
      At the moment, things are pretty basic, and not everything works 100%. Here is a screenshot, to give an idea of it, but keep in mind, I intend to expand the current GUI for other stuff I will be adding.

      Older Screenshots
      Gawd, I just noticed the '3|7' in the Book Input field (original screenshot). I was using that during troubleshooting for the multiple images scrolling and forgot to disable it ... not that it impacts anything. When it comes to maths, I struggle a bit, especially when tired. Right scrolling was easy, with a continuous loop, was easy to implement. Left scrolling was significantly harder for my poor brain ... until I realized I needed to see them as Min and Max.
      As you can see the program is usable, and all the buttons, aside from the Program Information one, work. You can even load different calibre libraries, and even reload after making changes to one with calibre. The calibre program does not need to be running, even to view an ebook in the Calibre Reader. The combo selector for a library and the ADD button are only temporarily placed where they are, until I expand the GUI.
      My intention at this point, is to add another five thumbnail images, directly below existing. Currently they aren't clickable, but I may add that.
      Here is another screenshot, of what you see when you click the larger Cover image.

      If you want to have a play with the program as is, then you will need to also get the 'sqlite3.dll' file from some online source. When CalibBrowser starts successfully with the selected calibre library, it copies its metadata.db file to a sub-folder of the program called 'Backups'. It also creates a sub-folder in that, based on the library name, to house it. That copied file, is the one the program uses, though it does not even edit that, and file modification is checked every time the program starts with a particular library, or when you Reload or select a library. If the original source file has been modified, then the program copy is overwritten. The Reload Database button does nothing, if there is no change detected, and reports such.
      Place the required 'sqlite3.dll' file in the CalibBrowser root folder. Download includes source files (sqlite3.dll excepted).
      Also required of course, is an install of calibre, plus some ebooks in a created library - Calibre Library is the default when you first add ebooks to calibre. The Mobile Read Forums, is a great source for all things ebook, and calibre can be found there in the E-Book Software section.
      CalibBrowser.zip  - Upload 4  (previous downloads: 1 + 12 + 5)
      CalibBrowser (new).zip
      My apologies for the program being created in AutoIt v3.3.0.0. It is the first one I have done in a while, with an older AutoIt version. Basically my Win 7 Netbook, which has a current version of AutoIt, was busy and is always busy doing something, and not suitable for doing big projects for several reasons. My older but more powerful Win XP Laptop, has a better programming environment, better computer chair (most important for my knees etc), better external monitor (wider and newish), full size external keyboard & mouse, and a great suite of setup tools to assist me. I run several older versions of AutoIt already on my Laptop, but haven't yet determined what I need to adjust to add a current version of AutoIt to the mix. This also applies to my hugely beneficial Toolbar For Any program (one of those tools), which I constantly use with SciTE. At some point, when finished, I may update the program to the current AutoIt version ... especially as I believe I am now proficient enough to do so, having become quite familiar with it in the last year or so, making many programs with it.
    • By TheSaint
      KindEbook Wishlist and the other programs are now being updated at a new topic - KindEbook Suite
      Formerly known as KindEbook Price Query.
      Please read IMPORTANT ADVICE here at Post #57.  (9th May 2016)
      Reading some sections of the previous topic could be helpful. There is also a Disclaimer reference etc.
      Screenshots in second post.
      See Post #51 for information about the Bonus program (AZWPlug).
      See Post #96 for Instructions & Screenshots for Bonus program (Add Book & All Formats To Calibre).
      (11-12-2017) KindEbook Wishlist updated to v5.8
      Added a 'Both' option to the Search category dropdown, though it only works for selection display, plus copy to clipboard with the new clipboard button. Star button relocated to left of selection display (input) field, with the new clipboard button taking its prior location at right. NOTE - This now provides a quick easy way to copy Author &/or Title text for the selected entry, to the clipboard.
      Added a 'Simple' option to the Search category dropdown, which justs finds the specified text in the chosen column (Title or Author), and selects that row. Search starts at the selected entry and will wrap around at need. The Clipboard button, can now be set in the program settings (or used with CTRL), to minimize the program window when clicked.
      Moved the right-click 'Save the Ebook list to file' option to a sub-menu entry, and added a 'Save to List for Excel' option there to, which is mostly just for my specific personal use, but others might find it useful (includes SHIFT+X accelerator key usage). NOTES - This new feature assists me, when I want to add new entries to my Booklist.xls file (in batch mode). It just helps to quickly create the basic entries, which I then flesh out later at my leisure, and helps avoid a lot of repetitive clicking. Used in conjunction with my related Excel macros.
      Add Book & All Formats To Calibre updated to v1.7    (NOTE - This has only been tested with calibre v2.x.x, not the newer v3.x.x.)
      A bugfix for duplicate title issue - I had not realized that a failure due to a duplicate was based solely on a title match. All duplicates are now added unless an ID match occurs. VIEW button can now view a saved specified format.
      (30-11-2017) KindEbook Wishlist updated to v5.5
      Improved the Copy/Move input box dimensions, to more easily accommodate long titles. Mode for troubleshooting (me only) has been improved, to avoid me losing my sanity again (I'd forgotten it even existed). Replaced the (last version update) new CTRL option at program start, with a 5 second dialog prompt instead.
      (11-11-2017) AZWPlug updated to v2.8
      Database list can now be set not to display when starting that window, plus a LOAD button added to load that list when desired. CTRL used with the open Kindle Content folder button, will now close the program. If CTRL used when selecting the MODE on the Results window, it will just save the setting without making changes to existing results. Option added for slicker loading of list, plus alternate list lines are now pale pink. Two find options added for the Author and Title, with FIND jumping to each entry found and SHOW just displaying all found.
      NOTE - With LOAD deselected, the list will only show the added ebook title (if any).
      KindEbook Wishlist - Most controls get disabled now during a Query, plus the same occurs during an 'Exchange Rate Query'. Plus if 'Please Wait' splash is disabled for Query, then a splash is no longer shown during an 'Exchange Rate Query', with that text shown instead in both the 'Please Wait' and 'Timer' labels, which are temporarily unhidden for that purpose. The Timer label can also be reshown if hidden by the new feature, by clicking the FIND label.
      Mouse cursor now changes during Query and Ebook list loading etc, to indicate when busy working. Extended the 'Please Wait' label to loading & sorting the Ebooks list, which also applies to any other process that re-populates or changes number of list entries (ebook removal, changing user, relocating bought, etc). Those are all dependent on the "Use a flashing 'Please Wait' ..." setting being set. NOTE - This feature was added to this and the previous version, so that having a 'Please Wait' splash displayed on top of all windows, for a lengthy period perhaps, could be avoided, if desired.
      Previous Versions (newer)
      Previous Versions  (older)
      The KindEbook Wishlist, is basically a compliment to your regular store wishlist, but has a history element and allows you to check current and previous prices etc in a better, quicker and more organized fashion. Essentially it assists and hopefully improves with decision making, when it comes to determining whether to make a purchase yet or not.
      You could compare it to manually and painfully creating something like an Excel spreadsheet for the same purpose, without the time, complexity and pain involved.
      You can sort by Title, Author, Current Price, Lowest Price, Add Order, Favorites, etc.
      You can view details - Book Description, Price Changes, etc.
      You can open the ebook URL in your web browser, where you can elect to make the purchase.
      The program supports multiple users, shared titles, shared comments and private comments, etc.
      After purchase, an ebook can be relocated to a bought list (per user).
      Price can be queried on an individual title basis or ALL titles (starting at first or selected or only favorites or not favorites).
      Dates are recorded for most processes, with various reporting options.
      I call it a wishlist on steroids.
    • By TheSaint
      This version has been discontinued. See the new version here.
      MANUAL MODE+ ONLY. No longer fully working automatically for price and adding new ebooks.
      NOTICE - As many of you are probably aware, internal links from the old forum are no longer working in many instances, which is apparently due to how those links were created in the first place. With that in mind, all the broken links here will not be fixed by me just yet, until some time has passed and a Forum rollback is no longer likely. Downloads should be working however, except when Jon may be updating or fixing something.
      Here's a simple little nifty program ... well it is for me ... and maybe you, if you like to keep tabs on a certain online store's prices for those ebooks you are interested in, but are not in your price range yet.
      BE AWARE - This is coded using AutoIt version, an oldy but goody, so it may need modification to run or compile with later or current AutoIt. Reportedly not at this point, as all seems fine.
      BE ADVISED - This is not affiliated or supported or likely appreciated or even recommended by them &/or Partners.
      As always, use my stuff at your own risk, and I seriously suggest you check out my disclaimer on my Toolbox page (see my signature below).
      Basically, I haven't tested this much yet, as it is hot off the press, and no prices have changed yet for me to give the ultimate definitive test, but it should work ok ... until they change an important element that the program relies on.
      I've kept it pretty basic and simple, and others are welcome to add improvements, just so long as they respect me, and share here. This program is only allowed to be shared (made available for download) from the AutoIt Examples forum, until I give permission otherwise.
      What does it do?
      It is a simple database, that you populate using web page links from a certain store for their ebooks. I just got mine off my Wishlist pages. It keeps a record of up to four prices for each ebook.
      Title, Author (or Editor), URL, Price (Start, Current, Lowest, Highest), Date (Start, Last Check), are all stored in the program's INI database. Also, what I am presuming is the ISBN, which is used to make each entry unique. If a price has changed since Start, it will be indicated by an asterisk in the number (first) column.
      Seller, Publishers and even Authors on occasion, like to play games with ebook prices.
      Hopefully this little tool, will even the odds in our favor, maybe even put us in front.
      OLDER NEWS  (relocated to 2nd post)
      (15-06-2015) The program no longer works for price and that element may remain broken. It does however still assist with any current ebooks on the list, and I may add the ability to add more ebooks, and manually paste the current price, etc. Not all is lost.
      (15-06-2015) I have coded a partial fix, which allows you to manually enter (copy & paste) prices.
      (16-06-2015) Ebooks can now be added manually.
      (17-06-2015) More improvements.
      IMPORTANT - Please update from v1.1 to v1.2 or later, due to a Query bug.
      WARNING - Before running v1.6 (and later) for first time, you may want to read all notes.
      IMPORTANT - Before downloading this latest update, or if using it already, please make yourself familiar with some later information here. It may even be better to just wait for the next update, and not use this one.
      (v3.4) For those who have not kept up with updates since v2.0.
      KindEbook Price Query.au3 Previously: 113 + 78 downloads
      KindEbook Price Query v3.4.zip Previously: 151 + 57 downloads
      (v3.5) For those who have kept up with updates.
      KindEbook Price Query.au3
      KindEbook Price Query v3.5.zip
      (v3.6) For those who have kept up with updates & First time users.
      KindEbook Price Query.au3
      KindEbook Price Query v3.6.zip
      (v3.7) For those who have kept up with updates & First time users.
      KindEbook Price Query.au3 Previously: 30 downloads
      KindEbook Price Query v3.7.zip Previously: 31 downloads
      (v3.8) For those who have kept up with updates, but not First time users yet. Sources included in the zip file.
      PARTIAL FIX  KindEbook Price Query v3.8.zip Previously: 32 downloads
      (v3.9) For those who have kept up with updates, and First time users. Sources included in the zip file.
      MANUAL MODE  KindEbook Price Query v3.9.zip Previously: 26 downloads
      (v4.0) For those who have kept up with updates, and First time users. Sources included in the zip file.
      MANUAL MODE+ KindEbook Price Query v4.0.zip Previously: 28 downloads
      IMPORTANT - See this post for extra INI entries to improve web page read for Summary (prior post explains).
      RECOMMENDED - Users could maybe benefit from reading various comments in Intercept Right-Click Listview Context Menu topic.
      (17-06-2015) (v4.0) MANUAL MODE, but with some more automation.
      A Query ALL can now start at the currently selected entry, via a prompt.
      An option to auto close current browser tab (using Ctrl + W), has been added for when getting price in manual mode.
      Input Box window widened slightly in ADD Ebook manual process.
      A delay option has been added, to allow a pause for specified seconds between queries during a Query ALL. This delay may be helpful in preventing erroneous detection as a malicious scraper.
      Ebook cover can now be a .jpg file, in the Image Data folder, where filename matches ISBN ID.
      Bugfix for whitespace in Price in manual mode (sorry about that).
      (16-06-2015) (v3.9) MANUAL MODE only for prices and adding ebooks.
      Program can now have ebooks added to it manually, when in 'manual' mode.
      The Timer and Wait labels are now dealt with correctly, by being hidden when not required or wanted.
      An Input Box is continually presented for user to manually add an Ebook's details (Title, etc).
      No other fix has been added yet, to deal with broken status in regard to automatic price checking.
      That last, also includes not automatically getting details when adding ebooks. I may do that next.
      (15-06-2015) (v3.8) PARTIAL FIX - Manual Price adding only.
      Program is broken as far as getting prices automatically from Amazon, but a 'manual' mode has been added, and set by default, but can be reset to 'automatic' in program settings. The manual mode allows you to do your usual Query (one or ALL), and presents you with an Input box to manually paste the price you have copied from the ebook webpage that has been executed. You can stop at anytime, by clicking the Cancel button. The usual Report will be displayed and any changes stored.
      NOTE - You cannot currently ADD any new ebooks to the list with this version, but I will address that issue soon.
      A major update that resolves a bug, and perhaps made v4.0 (as originally planned) redundant.
      Bugfix for Timer Label causing a miscount of control numbers when swapping users in certain scenario.
      Prompt when making a Query from relocated bought ebooks user.
      Private Comments are now queried when copying or moving an ebook to another user, if they exist for that ebook.
      All Shared Comments are now stored and read from the shared file 'Comments.ini', though they still also exist in each user file for now, if no longer referenced or updated there. Any conflicts during this updating change, between users, meant comments were combined but separated by a pipe '|' character.
      Still advise you read v1.6 notes.
      PREVIOUS VERSIONS  (relocated to 2nd post)
      NOTE - See extra comments at Post #13.
      This program is based on settings in that store, that are relevant to me as a customer from AUS. It also relies on a leading dollar sign at the start of each price (and other currency entry listed in INI file), which is removed during comparisons. I did not remember to include the pound sign, so if you need to, modify the source code. That last will definitely be necessary for others from other countries. I'll add any currencies advised of, in the next update. It is simple enough to change, and I may just make an INI entry, that can be modified by whoever, to suit.
      ADDENDUM - Relocated to Chat topic.
      NOTE - This program was initially considered and talked about in this Chat topic.


      OLDER (v3.4)

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