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format of numbers while using _filewritetoline


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I have a text file which has over 1000 lines, and I wish to replace one particular - I was able to do the replacement - but I have a issue - I want the numbers to be of specific format 

Eg; my command was as follows, 

my command >>>>> _filewritetoline($inp_file,$inp_replacement,"WAVE1.00STOK"&$hdet&"      "&$tasso&"        "&"270.0      D          5.0  72MS     1",true)

my output >>>>>>       WAVE1.00STOK10.06        9.800         270.0      D          5.0  72MS     1

how do I make sure that the $hdet=10.06 is printed as 10.060(3 digits after decimel) and same with $tasso and so on.. also, how to maintain the required gap between the variables - is it by manually putting spaces ?


thanks guys

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Thanks Subz, I was not precise with my requirement.... forgot to mention that the criteria was that numbers should always occupy 6 spaces ie; 10.060 is fine, if the variable $hdet was 9.060, it should appear as 09.060... also, if the number was 100.061 or 100.066, it should appear as 100.06 and 100.07 respectively.  thanks

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You mean something like this?

MsgBox(0,'', _FormatNumber($tasso))
Func _FormatNumber($iNumber)
    Local $iLength = StringLen(StringLeft($iNumber, StringInStr($iNumber, ".") - 1))
    Switch $iLength
        Case 6
            Return StringFormat("%06", $iNumber)
        Case 5
            Return StringFormat("%05", $iNumber)
        Case 4
            Return StringFormat("%04.1f", $iNumber)
        Case Else
            Return StringFormat("%03.2f", $iNumber)


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Another runnable example.

;#include <File.au3>

Local $hdet = 10.061, $tasso = 9.061

Local $sLine = StringFormat("WAVE1.00STOK%06s      %06s        270.0      D          5.0  72MS     1", _
        _FormatNumber($hdet), _FormatNumber($tasso))
ConsoleWrite($sLine & @CRLF)

Local $sLine2 = StringFormat("WAVE1.00STOK%06s\t%06s        270.0      D%10s5.0  72MS     1", _
        _FormatNumber($hdet), _FormatNumber($tasso), "")
ConsoleWrite($sLine2 & @CRLF)

;_FileWriteToLine($inp_file, $inp_replacement, $sLine, True)

;#cs ; -------_FormatNumber() Test Data -------
ConsoleWrite(_FormatNumber(1234.061) & @CRLF)
ConsoleWrite(_FormatNumber(100.061) & @CRLF)
ConsoleWrite(_FormatNumber(100.068) & @CRLF)
ConsoleWrite(StringFormat("%06s", _FormatNumber(9.061)) & @CRLF) ; "%06s" adds leading zeros to make up a 6 character string.
ConsoleWrite(_FormatNumber(10.0616) & @CRLF)

Func _FormatNumber($iNumber)
    Local $iLength = StringLen(Int($iNumber))
    Switch $iLength
        Case 4
            Return StringFormat("%4.1f", $iNumber)
        Case 3
            Return StringFormat("%3.2f", $iNumber)
        Case 2
            Return StringFormat("%2.3f", $iNumber)
        Case 1
            Return StringFormat("%1.3f", $iNumber)
EndFunc   ;==>_FormatNumber


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thanks Subz and Malkey... that helped me


What if  the variables are in format $hdet=10.061E6, and I want the total input spaces to be 6, so the results required is 10.1E6

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