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Please, Can anyone translate this C small function to autoit

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6 minutes ago, Bilgus said:

he uploaded a binary imei.exe in a zip file I converted it to a txt file before uploading to virustotal

oh my goodness, I just took the sample code from what he posted :lol: and not from the zip file, that's good you send it for virustotal, but I think it's false positive.. and I hope so.. 

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I hope any of you is seriously running any exe posted by any member unless trusted......   in other words: Think before you act! ;) 


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Dream of the future,
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yep. do it in a SAFE VM not connected to any other network assets. isolated, if you must. seems this user just wanted to infect others. another reason to not jump at the chance to do unpaid work.

it's not false positive! it has hits on MS and MALEWARE Bytes as well. this was a nefarious post and the second poster was right that no help should be given seeing how his virus was thwarted at another site.

this is a good lesson to learn early. and don't download anything binary. for me, if a user does anything like that, they are permanently ignored, no help ever offered, don't care about them anymore. can't be trusted.

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My resources are limited. You must ask the right questions


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Hi my brothers

Thank you all for your presence in my topic

@jow : you are my hero :lmao:

@Bilgus : you are my hero :lmao:

For a IMEI.exe attachment file: is not a virus (False Positive), it is one of the most famous files used for generate android IMEI file of MTK processors, you can download it from GITHUB OR XDA DEVELOPERS

Everyone how asking me: what you learned ?? , I learned to love AUTOT and people like: jow and Bilgus.

Now I can go on my project.

I am an expert in PHP but I have no experience in algorithms, so I found a problem with the function.

Sorry for my bad ENG.

Thank you again, I love AUTOIT.


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@Earthshine, you are right, I checked the zip file and it was infected. I checked this on my mac with Bitdefender. I appreciate from moderators or owners here to delete the zip file as soon as possible @Jon . Meanwhile, I checked the exe file from XDA and it's not infected. Maybe the machine that adelbak is using is infected..


@adelbak, I thought you wrote this file ... I opened the GitHUB and XDA and I saw it was developed by someone else as per the attachment.

I'm an XDA developer named as Jowy007 there, I appreciate from your side, whenever you publish a code that's not yours, at least, mention the developers and web links. Developers are heavy-duty workers and we should mention and respect them and their work. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 8.20.27 AM.png


Thanks for understanding,


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