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Note: This is the continuation thread from the original one of 2012. The old one growed over 50 pages...so to make the overview better i created a new main thread for the ISN AutoIt Studio. You can fi

Just a little spoiler for the next update (1.09) 😎  

Hi folks! It´s update time again! ISN AutoIt Studio version 1.12 is now online! Like everywhere else, the Corona crisis has made my past ISN development quite a mess. But now I have finally

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Small suggestion. Perhaps make some tutorial videos on the general use of the product.
I got a bit confused when using the Form Builder, when adding code to a button. I double clicked the button, clicked save, then saved it as an au3 script for good measure. Upon running the form it launched the MSGbox code that I had included when the form loaded. I had interpreted it as an on button click action rather than a form load action.
I know better now, but that is why I suggested the above.
Thank you for all the work you have put into this project. If I knew enough about autoit to help I would do so. Instead, I would like to help by testing from an end user point of view if that will work.



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Yeah the ISN would definitely benefit from tutorial videos, but as a "one man show" i don´t have the time to make such videos.
(And you really don´t want to hear me speaking english :D:D )

But if anyone is interessted to make such videos, i will support them as good as i can.

And about extracode: Yeah it´s different here in the ISN than Visual Studio. Extracode means only "add you own au3 code to (below) the control). You can see it in the "generate au3 code" window in the form studio how it´s managed.
And as a Tipp: You do not need to copy past the gui code from the formstudio to your script. Simply include the .isf file as an include! (see testproject)

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  • 2 weeks later...


I still have problems with the Ctrl + F5, the studio marks the line as it should , but don't jump to the line :(

When I have lots of warns/errors and I scroll up to pick the first error, and double click at it, I get thrown to the last line in the error panel, and the code window don't move an inch.

Any idea on what could create such error?

It first started after updating to previous version, I just tried to reinstall 1.6 (20170928) and with that version there's no problem, it jumps to the err line as it should.

Also, it seems that the auto compleat functions fails for the same scripts.


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Adde info
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  • 3 weeks later...

Just want to inform you that a new hotfix update for version 1.07 is out now!

- Fixed error jumping reported by Rex (Also marks now the "selected" error in the console output window)
- API update to AutoIt
- .exe files are now compiled with AutoIt
- Updated French translation (thx to Swirti)
- Updated "Testproject"
- Litte new feature: If you write a new include, autocomplete show you now the autoit includes (when you type #include <) OR files from your project (when you type #include ")

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Wow I really like the Project Debug window.  The window that displays runtime, PID, Stop; and Details button.  I think the summery and Detail button is exceptionally useful.

Unfortunately my project involves many windows that fill my screen sometimes and that extra window on top gets in my way.

I'd really like to hide that window.  Is there a good way to hide the Project Debug window?

Edited by Xandy
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In the Search/replace text dialog (To find a string of text) the minimize, maximize, close icons (at the top right of dialog) do not activate on mouse click.

I press them, nothing happens.  If I press quickly enough Search/replace text dialog maximizes, but it does not matter which icon mouse is over.


I just thought you should know and maybe you can reproduce the problem.

I really like this program and the features you've added since I first started using it.  :)

Edited by Xandy
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I found unexpected behavior.  (It's difficult to navigate a file dialog when you can't see the folder names)

I opened up ISN to create a new project using my existing .au3 file.

Under ProjectMode: Create a new project button.  Select Radio: Create new project from an existing au3 file, then select the file browse [...] button

In the "Choose file" dialog: folder names are not displayed unless they are the selected file or group.

Short video:




Edited by Xandy
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@Xandy: Thanks for the video. Yeah i know that error...problem is i can´t do much against it. The problem is caused by the Skin used in the "black theme". If you use the ISN without a Skin it works normal. So the problem here is anywhere in the .msstyles file and i have no plan how i could fix this :( (And i think the USkin System (which the ISN uses for skinning) was orginally designed for windows XP :(

@masvil: The ISN AutoIt Studio has it´s own GUI builder included and does not need Koda. (It´s the ISN Form Studio 2)
Just create an .isf file (file the File menu) and open it ;) (Or see the testproject)

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Good news about your probelm @Xandy: By random i saw that this problem does not happen if i use the _WinAPI_OpenFileDlg function for open file dialogs. (And not the native FileOpenDialog). It´s not the same dialog, but hey it works and the text is readable at all ;)

So i will include this with the next hotfix update. (Without skin...the current dialog. With skin the _WinAPI_OpenFileDlg Dialog)



Edited by ISI360
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Hey, ISN AutoIt Studio is amazing, migrating most projects over to it. Thanks so much for creating it.


A small problem; when creating a GUI with buttons using the $BS_ICON style, there isn't an option for icon size in FormStudio so I have to manually edit the .isf file afterwards to make it use a small icon.

Also, please could you add a link to this thread in the old thread? Searching AutoIt forums for "isn" doesn't seem to return this new thread in the results (12 pages of search results and a 10 second timer between changing pages in search results made it too time-consuming to check properly :p)

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Thanks for your feedback! ;)

Editing the .isf manualy is no good idea cuase it will be overwritten when you next save the file with the form studio.
But you can do the following: I guess you set the Icons with GUICtrlSetImage, or? Just add your "Icon"-Code as Extracode the the control.
Extracode is simply AutoIt code which will be "placed" after the CreateControl Code.
So simply create your button and insert the GUICtrlSetImage Code as Extracode to the button.

And the old ISN Thread is already locked for editing. But on the last page is an info to this thread.

Edited by ISI360
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  • 2 weeks later...

I've run into a bug with the latest version (it may have been there in older versions I've just haven't used the toolbar control in an ISN project before.)

To recreate the error,

  1. create a new temporary project.
  2. add a form to the project.
  3. add a toolbar control to the form.
    At this point if you test the form things are fine.
  4. Open the GUI Properties Dialog
  5. Click OK without changing anything.
    Now when you try testing the form you get the following error.
$toolbar99 = _GUICtrlToolbar_Create($$TestForm,$TBSTYLE_FLAT,0)
$toolbar99 = _GUICtrlToolbar_Create(^ ERROR

Error: Badly formated variable or macro.

An extra $ has been added before the form variable, the StatusBar control does the same thing.

I believe the problem is in Data\Plugins\formstudio2\Includes\converter.au3 at lines 1182 and 1190

; Line 1182 
FileWriteLine($file, $IDSTRING & '_GUICtrlToolbar_Create($' & _IniReadEx($Cache_Datei_Handle, "gui", "handle", "hgui") & ',' & $genstyle & ',' & $genexstyle & ')')

; Line 1190 
FileWriteLine($file, $IDSTRING & '_GUICtrlStatusBar_Create($' & _IniReadEx($Cache_Datei_Handle, "gui", "handle", "hgui") & ', -1, "",' & $genstyle & ',' & $genexstyle & ')')

Line 1182 and 1190 are the only lines with a $ before the handle, my quick look indicates it should be using the handle with dollar hand back function so the lines would become:

; Line 1182 
FileWriteLine($file, $IDSTRING & '_GUICtrlToolbar_Create(' & _Handle_mit_Dollar_zurueckgeben(_IniReadEx($Cache_Datei_Handle, "gui", "handle", "hgui")) & ',' & $genstyle & ',' & $genexstyle & ')')

; Line 1190
FileWriteLine($file, $IDSTRING & '_GUICtrlStatusBar_Create(' & _Handle_mit_Dollar_zurueckgeben(_IniReadEx($Cache_Datei_Handle, "gui", "handle", "hgui")) & ', -1, "",' & $genstyle & ',' & $genexstyle & ')')

Maybe just removing the $ would have been enough, but I thought this would be safer, and it seems to work for me.


Edited by xrxca
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      As many of you may not be aware, of much about AutoIt's humble beginnings, and aspects related to the first GUI version of AutoIt, I thought it might be nice to create a historical reference here for all the many GUI creators that have been created by various people over the years.
      NOTE - While one could argue, that this topic might be better placed in one of the Chat forums, I would argue, that it links to heaps of good code. While much may be redundant in that code, it is still interesting and forms a great perspective. Many are bound to find useful elements at the very least.
      Koda, is no doubt the most well-known GUI creator now, but there was a time, when CyberSlug's legendary GUIBuilder (first known as AutoBuilder) ruled the roost, and AutoIt coder's saw it as a Godsend. AutoIt coding was much simpler back then of course.
      Below, will be a timeline, of any AutoIt GUI creators listed in forum pages. It will be added to by myself as I find them or as others here find them and place a link in a subsequent post ... PLEASE HELP! Comments welcome too.
      (Also note, that this is also intended to include updates, branches etc by others)
      Apr 20 2004 - AutoBuilder by CyberSlug.
      Sep 27 2004 - An interesting topic, where CyberSlug talks about the future of AutoBuilder (etc) and renaming to GUIBuilder and you see the first mentions and links to updates by others (including myself & livewire).
      Nov 05 2004 - A topic where lookfar is working on a SciTE replacement, talks about starting a Form Designer.
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      Mar 19 2012 - Arduino GUI Programmer by nikosliapis (creates a specific type of GUI)
      Aug 01 2012 - GuiBuilder Resurrected update/branch to GUIBuilder by baroquebob
      Dec 01 2012 - Form Builder beta (v1.0.6) by BuckMaster
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      May 29 2019 - The GuiBuilder Return by DFerrato as an update to GUIBuilder, His new and improved version.
      May 9 2022 - GuiBuilderPlus by kurtykurtyboy as an update to GUIBuilder. A new an improved version with more to come.
      There are a significant number of creators/designers that have been started and never completed.
      P.S. Well that's it from me tonight. I know of at least one other major creator, but cannot recall it's name or the name of the coder, though I think it starts with 'L'. Bound to be a few I've missed, and some I cannot seem to find their first appearance here (Koda, Form Builder, etc), but there may be an obvious reason for that. Will probably rely on feedback from others now that I've got the ball rolling.
      NOTE - If anyone wants to discuss any of these programs above or give some background history, then by all means do so. I will cross-reference (link to) any important comments.
    • By DevMode
      I'm using isn autoit studio for a long time and tried to add some plugins, but the existing SDK is very limited
      So I modified the original code
      I added linking external files with the project
      I know that the file name appears in the project tree, but the file is not found in the project folder


      ADD Item in Context Menu for add new Linker
      Global $TreeviewContextMenu_Item_Linker = _GUICtrlCreateODMenuItem("Linker", $TreeviewContextMenu_Item8, $smallIconsdll, 998) ;Projektbaum aktualisieren  
      add Event in _InputCheck
      Case $TreeviewContextMenu_Item_Linker _Linker()  
      add _Linker Function for add New Linker and update .isn file
      #Region ; DevMode Func _Linker() If $Offenes_Projekt = "" Then Return -1 If Not IsHWnd($Current_TVExplorer_TreeView) Then Return -1 Local $Treeview = $Current_TVExplorer_TreeView If _GUICtrlTreeView_GetSelection($Treeview) = 0 Then Return $FileSet = FileOpenDialog("Setect Linker",'','Autoit File(*.au3;)|All File(*.*)') If FileExists($FileSet) Then Dim $szDrive, $szDir, $szFName, $szExt _PathSplit($FileSet, $szDrive, $szDir, $szFName, $szExt) $LinkerName = InputBox("Add New Linker","Plese enter Linker Name",$szFName&$szExt) If $LinkerName = "" Then Return _GUICtrlTreeView_AddChild($hWndTreeview, _GUICtrlTreeView_GetFirstItem($hWndTreeview),'=>'&$LinkerName) $NewLinker = $FileSet&'%'&$LinkerName $OldLinkers = IniRead($Pfad_zur_Project_ISN, "ISNPROJECT_TODOLISTDATA", "Linker", "") IniWrite($Pfad_zur_Project_ISN, "ISNPROJECT_TODOLISTDATA", "Linker",$OldLinkers&'|'&$NewLinker) EndIf Sleep(250) $Projektbaum_ist_bereit = 1 EndFunc ;==>_Erstelle_kopie_von_markierter_datei #EndRegion  
      add _LinkerOpen for open file in Editor
      Func _LinkerOpen($LinkerName) $Linkes = IniRead($Pfad_zur_Project_ISN, "ISNPROJECT_TODOLISTDATA", "Linker", "") $sLinker = StringSplit($Linkes,'|') For $p = 1 To $sLinker[0] If $sLinker[$p] = "" Then ContinueLoop $fLinker = StringSplit($sLinker[$p],'%') If $fLinker[0] = 2 And $LinkerName = $fLinker[2] Then Try_to_opten_file($fLinker[1]) EndIf Next EndFunc add Load Linker 
      Func _Load_Project($Foldername) ....... $RDC_Main_Thread = _RDC_Create($Offenes_Projekt, 1, BitOR($FILE_NOTIFY_CHANGE_FILE_NAME, $FILE_NOTIFY_CHANGE_DIR_NAME), 0, $Studiofenster) $RDC_UDFs_Thread = _RDC_Create(_ISN_Variablen_aufloesen($UDFs_Folder), 1, BitOR($FILE_NOTIFY_CHANGE_FILE_NAME, $FILE_NOTIFY_CHANGE_DIR_NAME), 0, $Studiofenster) _Reload_Ruleslots() _Aktualisiere_oder_erstelle_Projektbaum($Offenes_Projekt) _GUICtrlTVExplorer_Expand($hWndTreeview) #Region Load Linker DevMode $Linkes = IniRead($Pfad_zur_Project_ISN, "ISNPROJECT_TODOLISTDATA", "Linker", "") $sLinker = StringSplit($Linkes,'|') For $p = 1 To $sLinker[0] If $sLinker[$p] = "" Then ContinueLoop $fLinker = StringSplit($sLinker[$p],'%') If $fLinker[0] = 2 Then _GUICtrlTreeView_AddChild($hWndTreeview, _GUICtrlTreeView_GetFirstItem($hWndTreeview),'=>'&$fLinker[2]) EndIf Next #EndRegion ;Set focus to the first item in the treeview ...... EndFunc ;==>_Load_Project Func _Update_Treeview() ...... #Region Load Linker DevMode $Linkes = IniRead($Pfad_zur_Project_ISN, "ISNPROJECT_TODOLISTDATA", "Linker", "") $sLinker = StringSplit($Linkes,'|') For $p = 1 To $sLinker[0] If $sLinker[$p] = "" Then ContinueLoop $fLinker = StringSplit($sLinker[$p],'%') If $fLinker[0] = 2 Then _GUICtrlTreeView_AddChild($hWndTreeview, _GUICtrlTreeView_GetFirstItem($hWndTreeview),'=>'&$fLinker[2]) EndIf Next #EndRegion EndFunc ;==>_Update_Treeview Also I needed to add some modifications because by clicking on the file in the project tree the item . is deleted
      Edit File ISN_Studio_WindowMessages.au3 , Function _ISN_WM_NOTIFY_TVExplorer
      Case -3 ; NM_DBLCLK $Current_TVExplorer_TreeView = $hTV ;~ If $tvData[$Index][28] Then ;~ ExitLoop ;~ EndIf $tPOINT = _WinAPI_GetMousePos(1, $hTV) $tTVHTI = _GUICtrlTreeView_HitTestEx($hTV, DllStructGetData($tPOINT, 1), DllStructGetData($tPOINT, 2)) $hItem = DllStructGetData($tTVHTI, 'Item') If BitAND(DllStructGetData($tTVHTI, 'Flags'), $TVHT_ONITEM) Then $text = _GUICtrlTreeView_GetText($Current_TVExplorer_TreeView, $hItem ) If StringLeft($text,2) = "=>" Then Return _LinkerOpen(StringTrimLeft($text,2)) ; DevMode $path = _TV_GetPath($Index, $hItem) If Not _WinAPI_PathIsDirectory($path) Then _TV_Send(6, $Index, $hItem) EndIf EndIf Edit File ISN_UDF_TVExplorer.au3 , Function _TV_Send
      Func _TV_Send($iDummy, $iIndex, $hItem, $fDirect = 0, $lParam = 0) IF BitAND($ISNDebugConsole_SpecialLogs, $ISNDebugConsole_SpecialLogs_TVExplorer) then _Write_ISN_Debug_Console("TVExplorer try to send "&$iDummy&" to index "&$iIndex&" and hItem "&$hItem , $ISN_Debug_Console_Errorlevel_Info) _Write_ISN_Debug_Console("DummyControl Handle: "&$tvData[$iIndex][$iDummy], $ISN_Debug_Console_Errorlevel_Info) Endif Local $wParam = _WinAPI_MakeLong($iDummy, $iIndex) If $hItem <> -1 Then $tvData[$iIndex][$iDummy + 17] = $hItem EndIf If $fDirect Then IF BitAND($ISNDebugConsole_SpecialLogs, $ISNDebugConsole_SpecialLogs_TVExplorer) then _Write_ISN_Debug_Console("TVExplorer try _TV_Dummy with wparam "&$wParam&" and lparam "&$lParam , $ISN_Debug_Console_Errorlevel_Info) _TV_Dummy($wParam, $lParam) Else IF BitAND($ISNDebugConsole_SpecialLogs, $ISNDebugConsole_SpecialLogs_TVExplorer) then _Write_ISN_Debug_Console("TVExplorer try GUICtrlSendToDummy with handle "&$tvData[$iIndex][$iDummy]&" and wparam "&$wParam , $ISN_Debug_Console_Errorlevel_Info) If StringLeft(_GUICtrlTreeView_GetText($Current_TVExplorer_TreeView, $hItem ),2) = "=>" Then Return 1 ; DevMode If Not GUICtrlSendToDummy($tvData[$iIndex][$iDummy], $wParam) Then IF BitAND($ISNDebugConsole_SpecialLogs, $ISNDebugConsole_SpecialLogs_TVExplorer) then _Write_ISN_Debug_Console("TVExplorer _TV_Send STOPPED at GUICtrlSendToDummy! Let´s ReCreate the DummyControls..." , $ISN_Debug_Console_Errorlevel_Warning) _ISN_ReCreateTVExplorerDummyControls($iIndex) If Not GUICtrlSendToDummy($tvData[$iIndex][$iDummy], $wParam) Then IF BitAND($ISNDebugConsole_SpecialLogs, $ISNDebugConsole_SpecialLogs_TVExplorer) then _Write_ISN_Debug_Console("TVExplorer _TV_Send STOPPED again at GUICtrlSendToDummy! ReCreate failed!" , $ISN_Debug_Console_Errorlevel_Critical) Return 0 Endif EndIf EndIf Return 1 EndFunc ;==>_TV_Send  
      Please ISI360 add this feature to the official software
      Also, if possible, add the project to GitHub so that we can help it develop the program
      Complied Autoit_Studio.a3x
    • By ISI360
      Today I want to show you my current AutoIt project: The ISN AutoIt Studio.

      The ISN AutoIt Studio is a complete IDE made with AutoIt, for AutoIt!
      It includes a GUI designer, a code editor (with syntax highlighting, auto complete & intelisense), a file viewer, a backup system, trophies and a lot more features!!
      Here are some screenshots:

      Here some higlights:
      -> easy to create/manage/public your AutoIt-projects!
      ->integrated GUI-Editor (ISN Form Studio 2)
      ->integrated - file & projectmanager
      ->auto backupfunction for your Projects
      ->extendable with plugins!
      ->available in several languages
      ->Syntax highlighting /Autocomplete / Intelisense
      ->Dynamic Script
      ->detailed overview of the project (total working hours, total size...)
      And much more!!!
      -> -> Click here to download ISN AutoIt Studio <- <-
      Here is the link to the german autoit forum where I posted ISN AutoIt Studio the first time: http://autoit.de/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=29742&pageNo=1
      For more information visit my Homepage: https://www.isnetwork.at
      So….have fun with ISN AutoIt Studio!
      PS: Sorry for my bad English! ^^
    • By ISI360

      I need a little bit help from some RegEx experts please:
      I would make my ISN AutoIt Studio faster when generating the scripttree. And what would be better to do this via regex?
      Problem is i am not really good at this regex stuff. So maybe someone could help me here.
      The challange is to get all Global Variables from a script via RegEx in a Array.
      Here is a example script with some tests:
      Global $Var1 = 1234 Local $Local_Var = 1234 $Ignore_me_too = 1234 Global $Var2 = 1234, $var3 = 1242 Global $ahIcons[30], $ahLabels[30] Global Const $Var4 = iniread($inivar1,"jj","jj","") , $var5= iniread($inivar2,"jj","jj","") Global $Var_String = "was" Global $Array_Test[16] = [1,15,16,0,31,15,25,15,25,30,8,30,8,15,1,15] Global Enum $MARGIN_SCRIPT_NUMBER = 0, $MARGIN_SCRIPT_ICON, $MARGIN_SCRIPT_FOLD Global Const $Delim = '\', $Delim1 = '|' Global $hard1 = "a", _ $hard2 = "b", _ $hard3 = "c"  
      The returning array should look like this:
      $Var1 $Var2 $var3 $Var4 $var5 $Var_String $Array_Test $MARGIN_SCRIPT_NUMBER $MARGIN_SCRIPT_ICON $MARGIN_SCRIPT_FOLD $Delim $Delim1 $hard1 $hard2 $hard3  
      I already made some success with a expression i found in the SciTE Jump Tool:  (\$\w+)(?:[\h\[.=+*/^,)\-])?
      This nearly returns the perfect results. But it does not check if it´s a global variable (with the const and enum options) and also returns variables in commands (for example $inivar1)
      I also found this regex: (?im:^(?=Global|Const|Enum|Static)(?:Global)?\h*(?:Const|Enum|Static)?(?:(?<=Enum)\h+Step\h+[+*-]\d+)?\h*)([^\r\n .\=]+)
      This returns also usefull results...but trying to understand this explodes my head

      Maybe someone can help me here?
      Thanks in advance!
    • By TheSpannish
      Estoy traduciendo este projecto 
      al español que esta mal traducido, son 1000 lineas de frases, para mi es mucho, si alguien que sepa español puediera ayudarme se lo agradeceria
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