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WindowsForm C# AutoIT ControlClick not working but ControlSetText is working

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I want to automate it with a hidden windows . 

Here is my scripts  . I'm new to AutoIT and trying to test a function on the windowsform C#.

                string _title = $"Form1";
                string _class = $"WindowsForms10.Window.8.app.0.141b42a_r10_ad1";
                string _titleClass = $"[TITLE:{_title};CLASS:{_class}]";
                IntPtr _hwnd = AutoIt.AutoItX.WinGetHandle($"{_titleClass}");
                IntPtr _ctrHandle = AutoIt.AutoItX.ControlGetHandle(_hwnd, "");
                string _ctrId = $"[Class:WindowsForms10.BUTTON.app.0.141b42a_r10_ad1;Instance:1]";

                //AutoIt.AutoItX.ControlClick(_hwnd,"",$"{_ctrlId}");    /// Doesn't work
                ///AutoIt.AutoItX.ControlClick(_hwnd, _ctrHandle, "left", 1, 318, 144);    /// Doesn't work
                AutoIt.AutoItX.ControlClick(_titleClass,"","[Class:Button;Name:button2]","left",1);   ///////// Doesn't work
                AutoIt.AutoItX.ControlSetText(_titleClass, "", "[NAME:textBox1]", "Text was changed by ControlSetText"); /////// Worked !


PS. If the button2 is clicked then the messagebox will be pop up.


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