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Hey there!

I was studying about algorithms of machine learning and artificial intelligence inner systems, in specific, i would like to create a similar system like AIML and A.L.I.C.E., but in AU3.

I can re-create pretty much all the functions in AIML by myself, except for "any (*)", which is really useful for pattern detection.



<AIML version :"1.0.1" encoding:"UTF-8"?>
<pattern> WHO IS ABRAHAM LINCOLN</pattern>
<template>Abraham Lincoln was the US President during American civil war.</template>

<pattern>DO VOU KNOW WHO * IS</pattern>
<srai>WHD IS <star/></srai>

That's in AIML, Basically what it does is find the pattern in user sentence and get an answer depending if it was found or not.


How i could re-create it in Au3?

Any help is really appreciated!

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This is a whole world unto itself, but you are going to need regular expressions for this. I am no expert, but I created an example. I'm sure it can be improved.

Local $sPattern = "(?i)(.*)(\bdo you know who )(.+)( is\b)(.*)"
MsgBox(0, "Detected:", StringRegExpReplace("Hi, do you know who Abraham Lincoln is?", $sPattern, '$3'))

This is just one of many possible ways to detect patterns using regular expressions.

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Yeah, i thought about RegExp, but what i need is the basis of the question, then just fill with user's topic.


I.e. : Do you know who * is?

List Array:

Abraham Lincoln: Was a USA president

Barack Obama: Was a USA president

Steve Jobs: Was the founder of Apple

Bill Gates: Is the founder of Microsoft


So that it will search for any of those persons in list array and get the concept, then answer to it.


¡And thanks for ur help!

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Funny play - with extreme limitations of course  :)
A possible way : detect the "who...is" pattern, check both array and question, return the answer
Here is a simple example (with no error checking)

Local $who_is[4] = ["Abraham Lincoln: Was a USA president", _
    "Barack Obama: Was a USA president", _
    "Steve Jobs: Was the founder of Apple", _
    "Bill Gates: Is the founder of Microsoft"] 

;$question = "Hi, do you know who Abraham Lincoln is?"
;$question = "Hi, do you know who this crazy Steve Jobs really is?"
;$question = "Hi, do you know who in the world is this damn Bill Gates over there ?"
$question = "Hi, do you know who czardas is ?"

If StringRegExp($question, '(?i)\bwho\b.*?\bis\b') Then Msgbox(0,"", _WhoIs($question))
Func _WhoIs($test)
   For $i = 0 to UBound($who_is)-1
         $name = StringRegExpReplace($who_is[$i], '^[^:]+\K.*', "")
         If StringInStr($test, $name) Then Return $who_is[$i]
   Return "Sorry, I don't know this one ..."


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