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Good Day!

I have a problem and having difficulty implementing it. I want to copy the files in a certain folder, rename it, and when it exist in the destination folder it will add an index counter.


Example source folder having files like:






After file copy the target folder would be like this:






How to achieve this?

Thanks in advance



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Hi @Tats, and welcome to the AutoIt forum :)
Did you take a look to _FileListToArray() function, and FileMove() function? :)
And... Your source file(s) is/are "AA_123.txt", "BB_123.txt", and you want to remove the "AA_", "BB_" string and add "1", "2", ... to the file name?
Post some script, so we can see what's wrong with it :)

Best Regards.

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Hi @FrancescoDiMuro,

Here are the files from my Source Folder for example, where TxID---- is auto incremented.



Func CopyLog()
    Local $sDestPath = "D:\CopiedLogs"
    Local $Count = 0
    Local $sSrcLogFolder = _FileListToArray("D:\Logs", "*", $FLTA_FILES)
    If @error = 4 Then
        ;do nothing
        For $i = 1 to $sSrcLogFolder[0]
            Local $iLen = StringLen($sSrcLogFolder[$i])
            Local $iStartPos = StringInStr($sSrcLogFolder[$i],"TQ")
            Local $iLenToGet = $iLen - ($iStartPos - 1)
            Local $sLogFileName = StringRight($sSrcLogFolder[$i],$iLenToGet)
            Local $sTrimFilename = StringTrimRight($sLogFileName, 4)
            Local $FileCount = GetFileCount($sDestPath, $sLogFileName)
            If $FileCount > 0 Then
                $Count += 1
                Local $FileLocation = $sDestPath & "\" & $sTrimFilename &"_" & $Count & ".TXT"
                FileCopy("D:\Logs\" & $sSrcLogFolder[$i], $FileLocation, $FC_NOOVERWRITE + $FC_CREATEPATH)
                Local $FileLocation = $sDestPath & "\" & $sLogFileName
                FileCopy("D:\Logs\" & $sSrcLogFolder[$i], $FileLocation, $FC_NOOVERWRITE + $FC_CREATEPATH)
        MsgBox(0,"","Done Copy...")

The result of my script is


Like windows copy/paste function, if it exist in the destination path, it will simply add copy, copy (1)...so on. But mine is to add _index.

I want to achieve a result like this



Thanks for your help




Edited by Tats
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Is this what you want?^_^ try applying the below code on your code and see.

Local $iIndex = 0

   If FileExists($sDestination) Then
      Dim $szDrive, $szDir, $szFName, $szExt, $iIndex
        _PathSplit($sSource, $szDrive, $szDir, $szFName, $szExt)
        While 1
            $iIndex = $iIndex + 1
            $sFileTemp = $sDestination & $szFName & "_" & $iIndex & $szExt
            If Not FileExists($sFileTemp) Then ExitLoop
        FileCopy($sSource, $sFileTemp, 8)


Programming is "To make it so simple that there are obviously no deficiencies" or "To make it so complicated that there are no obvious deficiencies" by C.A.R. Hoare.

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