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How to create a Video Overlay GUI (GDIPlus)

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Hi Community,

I'm looking for a way to do a Video Overlay GUI or something like that. The idea is to create a GUI which plays a video loop (with transparency/alpha channel) in front of an other GUI. Before you asking why - because I don't believe that GDIPlus can do it out of the box. My skillset for that kind of graphical things isn't good enough to do that, but here are some specialist like @UEZ maybe ;) who can help.

Example alpha channel video (visualized as animated *.gif):

I tried to do the light rays effect directly with GDIPlus, but honestly that's a bit too difficult for me. I would be very glad and grateful if there are some suggestions, ideas or recommendations.

Code for the Video play:

Func _mpegVideoOpen( $sFile, $hWnd, $iW, $iH, $iX, $iY )
    Local $iHandleId  = Dec( StringTrimLeft( $hWnd, 2 ) )
    Local $sVideoName = ''

    For $i = 1 To 10 Step 1
        $sVideoName &= Chr( Random( 97, 122, 1 ) )

    _mciSendStringA( 'open ' & FileGetShortName( $sFile ) & ' alias ' & $sVideoName )
    _mciSendStringA( 'window ' & $sVideoName & ' handle ' & $iHandleId )
    _mciSendStringA( 'put ' & $sVideoName & ' destination at ' & $iX & ' ' & $iY & ' ' & $iW & ' ' & $iH )

    Return $sVideoName

Func _mciSendStringA( $string, $iLenght = 0 )
    Return DllCall( 'winmm.dll', 'int', 'mciSendStringA', 'str', $string, 'str', '', 'long', $iLenght, 'long', 0 )[2]

Func _mpegVideoPlay( $sVideoName, $bFullscreen = False )
    If _mpegVideoTimePos( $sVideoName ) == _mpegVideoLength( $sVideoName ) Then _mpegVideoSeek( $sVideoName, 'start' )

    If $bFullscreen Then
        _mciSendStringA( 'play ' & $sVideoName & ' fullscreen' )
        _mciSendStringA( 'play ' & $sVideoName )

Func _mpegVideoTimePos( $sVideoName )
    _mciSendStringA( 'set ' & $sVideoName & ' time format ms' )
    Return _mciSendStringA( 'status ' & $sVideoName & ' position', 255 )

Func _mpegVideoLength( $sVideoName )
    _mciSendStringA( 'set ' & $sVideoName & ' time format ms' )
    Return _mciSendStringA( 'status ' & $sVideoName & ' length', 255 )

Func _mpegVideoSeek( $sVideoName, $sStartOrEnd )
    _mciSendStringA( 'set ' & $sVideoName & ' time format ms' )
    Return _mciSendStringA( 'seek ' & $sVideoName & ' to ' & $sStartOrEnd )

Func _mpegVideoStatus( $sVideoName )
    Return _mciSendStringA( 'status ' & $sVideoName & ' mode', 255 )

Func _mpegVideoClose( ByRef $sVideoName )
    Return _mciSendStringA( 'close ' & $sVideoName )

Func _mpegVideoPlayAndClose( $sFileVideo )
    Local $sVideoName = _mpegVideoOpen( $sFileVideo, $hMainGui, $iWGui, $iHGui, $iXGui, $iYGui )

    _mpegVideoPlay( $sVideoName )

    While 1
        If _mpegVideoStatus( $sVideoName ) == 'stopped' Then
            _mpegVideoClose( $sVideoName )

_mpegVideoPlayAndClose( 'End.mpeg' )



Example video "End.mpeg":


I provide this video as an example but this isn't an alpha channel video, so please be not confused ;) .



The next challenge is that the overlay GUI should be not clickable. If I hover over the overlay area, I want to have the possibility to control the GUI or what ever, in the background. But if there is any chance to make it with GDIPlus as a Video Overlay for light rays, I would prefer that approach instead of my crazy work-around idea.

Thanks for any suggestion - I'm grateful!

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Maybe I should explain that I want to use it in my 2D game. It should improve the game ambience a lot.

Otherwise I tried to change the brightness and contrast of the background tiles (the images), but it didn't work and it would look not very good.

Is there any other possibility to deal with such effects in an game? Other recommended third party tools that should be used? But I like GDIPlus and I don't wanna work with Irrlicht for example.

Any help, suggestion, recommendation and ideas are welcome.

Thanks - I'm grateful!

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