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Start-Process passing trailing spaces

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Hi all,

I'm experiencing an issue with Powershell passing trailing spaces within arguments and I'm quite restricted on what I can do due to contractual agreements. Is there a way to resolve this?


Powershell Start-Process 'C:\Program Files\Folder\program.exe' -Verb runAs -ArgumentList @('"parameter with spaces"', '-minimize')

Expected Passed Parameters:

  • "parameter with spaces"
  • "-minimize"

Actual Passed Parameters:

  • "parameter with spaces "
  • "-minimize "


  • Program.exe must be ran from a program already running as admin (in this case powershell)
  • Not allowed to change default Execution Policy away from Restricted. So no Powershell scripts
  • Not allowed to install/execute external programs (so no AutoIt Scripts)
  • Works if made into a shortcut (.lnk) on the Desktop

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Hello. Something like this should work from powershell.


Start-Process 'C:\Program Files\Folder\program.exe' -Verb runAs -ArgumentList @("`"parameter with spaces`"","`"-minimize `"")



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