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WinGetTitle always return 0 - nothings helps

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I have autoit program on my computer only portable version. I use Autoit vs

I want to use WinGetTitle but it always return 0. 

I want to use it for retriev windows title and then i want to switch between windows. 

E.g. - On start is msgbox where is info - "now choose yourt first window", i click first win - e.g. Excel, then 2. msgbox "now choose your 2. window" and i choose e.g. window folder. Then i want, that my script will switch between this windws and make my routine. 

But my test code for retrieve win title still return 0. I try this on comp in work. I dont have admin rights but i belive, that this is not a reason, bacause Au3.SPY, show me win title correctly. 

This is my sample code. 

Pls. any suggestions?

thx a lot

Sleep( 2000 ) ; Allows switching to some other window to see if can get its title.
$title = WinGetTitle("[active]")
If $title Then
    MsgBox(0, "", $title)
    MsgBox(0, "", "nothing")


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This will get Active WIndows

Global $g_sTitle = ""


Func _WinGetTitle()
    Local $_sTitle = ""
    While 1
        $_sTitle = WinGetTitle("[Active]", "")
            If $_sTitle = $g_sTitle Or StringStripWS($_sTitle, 8) = "" Then ContinueLoop Sleep(100)
        $g_sTitle = $_sTitle
        MsgBox(4096, "Window Title", "Window Title = " & $g_sTitle, 2)


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      #Include <WinAPI.au3> local $ClassName = _WinAPI_GetClassName(WinGetHandle(WinGetTitle("[ACTIVE]"))) ControlClick(WinGetTitle("[ACTIVE]"), "", "[CLASS:"&$ClassName&"; INSTANCE:1]", "primary") When I am running this script it just gives me a ConsoleWrite output of "0x001D04A8"
      When using "AutoIT v3 Window Info" all the info I need for the ControlClick is there and displayed perfectly as if I typed it in normally.
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      Thanks for help
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      If I run the following code in SciTE, I get the first seven characters of the title. But if I run its executable, I got a "0" in the msgbox. What am I missing?

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