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Visual Studio Code and running AutoIt

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Have downloaded and installed AutoIt as well as ScITE and can run scripts with no issue in ScITE.

Have also installed VSC (Visual Studio Code) and have installed Damien's extension for AutoIT.

When trying to do various operations in VSC, I see:

  • F5 = command 'extension.runScript' not found
  • CTRL+F5 = command 'extension.check' not found
  • CTRL+F6 = command 'extension.launchInfo' not found
  • ALT+M = command 'extension.LaunchKoda' not found


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I see there are 2 others available for VSC .... But this one seems to be the most extensive ...


I just installed it and it runs fine 

Keyboard Shortcuts :

  • Run Script: F5
  • AutoIt Check: Ctrl+F5
  • Compile Script: Ctrl+F7
  • Build Script: F7
  • Run AutoIt Help: Ctrl+F1
  • Run Au3Info: Ctrl+F6
  • Debug to MsgBox: Ctrl+Shift+D
  • Debug to Console: Alt+D
  • Run Koda: Alt+M


PS :

After installing the extension don't forget to RESTART VSC.




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Posted (edited)
Excuse me, I do not know if I can keep asking about this thread.
It is the error more similar to mine that I found looking for internet and I can not solve it.
The error it gives me when I execute any script in Autoit from the vscode is the following:
"Running the contributed command: 'extension.runScript' failed"
If someone knew how to solve it, I would appreciate it
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@yayoo I faced the same issue when accidentally deleted my "User" folder

Please follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall VS Code
  2. Go to C:/Users/%USERNAME%/AppData/Roaming (%USERNAME% is your login name) and delete these two folders: Code and Visual Studio Code
  3. Reinstall VS Code & AutoIT extension (I recommend using Damiens's extension rather than 4ern's because 4ern's can't track console output realtime - however, 4ern has better code syntax)

These actions work in my Windows 7 PC. Hope they would work in your case,too!


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