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DllCall doesn't work has expected (Solved)

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Autoit version:

System: Windows 10 Home x64

C++ IDE: Code::Blocks 17.12

When I call the Dll that I wrote it give me how return value -1073741819 and exit value 3221225477, I tried changing variables type but it didn't work.

This is the Autoit code:

#Region ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI ****
#EndRegion ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI ****
$dll = DllOpen(@ScriptDir & "\Test.dll")

DllCall($dll, "NONE", "TestFunction", "STR", "1 string", "STR", "2 string", "STR", "3 string", "INT", 1)
;Here crash and doesn't show the MsgBox
MsgBox(0, "", @error)

This is the main.cpp code:

#include <iostream>
#include <Windows.h>
#include "main.h"
using namespace std;

extern "C"
   DECLDIR void TestFunction(std::string string1, std::string string2, std::string string3, int number1)
      std::cout << string1 << std::endl;
      std::cout << string2 << std::endl;
      std::cout << string3 << std::endl;
      std::cout << number1 << std::endl;


And that is the main.h:

#ifndef _DLLTEST_H_
#define _DLLTEST_H_

#define DLL_EXPORT
#if defined DLL_EXPORT
  #define DECLDIR __declspec(dllexport)
  #define DECLDIR __declspec(dllimport)

extern "C"
    DECLDIR void TestFunction(std::string string1, std::string string2, std::string string3, int number1);



And the values of the variables that write to the SciTe console ae completely different.

Here I attach the console output of the SciTe editor:

>"C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\SciTE\..\AutoIt3.exe" "C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\SciTE\AutoIt3Wrapper\AutoIt3Wrapper.au3" /run /prod /ErrorStdOut /in "C:\Users\DragonFighter\Desktop\Dll test.au3" /UserParams    
+>10:30:08 Starting AutoIt3Wrapper v.17.224.935.0 SciTE v.   Keyboard:00000410  OS:WIN_10/  CPU:X64 OS:X64  Environment(Language:0410)  CodePage:0  utf8.auto.check:4
+>         SciTEDir => C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\SciTE   UserDir => C:\Users\DragonFighter\AppData\Local\AutoIt v3\SciTE\AutoIt3Wrapper   SCITE_USERHOME => C:\Users\DragonFighter\AppData\Local\AutoIt v3\SciTE 
>Running AU3Check (  from:C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3  input:C:\Users\DragonFighter\Desktop\Dll test.au3
+>10:30:08 AU3Check ended.rc:0
>Running:(\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\autoit3.exe "C:\Users\DragonFighter\Desktop\Dll test.au3"    
--> Press Ctrl+Alt+Break to Restart or Ctrl+Break to Stop
�Á+���Uø‰q�‰A�‹O`ÆEÿ�èèÖÿÿƒÄ €}ÿ!>10:30:10 AutoIt3.exe ended.rc:-1073741819
+>10:30:10 AutoIt3Wrapper Finished.
>Exit code: 3221225477    Time: 3.414


Thanks in advance for every reply.

Edited by Dragonfighter
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Thought that code looked familiar.^_^ Your string parameter definitions in the cpp are wrong, use LPSTR/LPTSTR/LPCSTR; see an example here. Conversion list is here (and in DllCall Help).

Edited by RTFC
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