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Create a Round Counter for Racing games

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#include <NomadMemory.au3>

$Value = _Pointer()

MsgBox(0,"", "Value: " = $Value)

Func _Pointer()

Global $iBase = 0x7FF649DB0000, $iStaticofsset = 0x01559C08

Global $hOpen, $sRead

$hOpen = _MemoryOpen(ProcessExists("Tutorial-i386.exe"))

$sRead = _Memoryread($iBase + $iStaticoffset, $hOpen, 'Float') + 0x70

$sRead = _Memoryread($iBase + $iStaticoffset, $hOpen, 'Float') + 0xA0

$sRead = _Memoryread($iBase + $iStaticoffset, $hOpen, 'Float') + 0x20

$sRead = _Memoryread($iBase + $iStaticoffset, $hOpen, 'Float') + 0x1B0

$sRead = _Memoryread($iBase + $iStaticoffset, $hOpen, 'Float') + 0x40

$sRead = _Memoryread($iBase + $iStaticoffset, $hOpen, 'Float') + 0x10

$sRead = _Memoryread($iBase + $iStaticoffset, $hOpen, 'Float') + 0x368

$sValue = _Memoryread($sRead, $hOpen, 'Float')


Return $sValue


I Would like to create an Round Timer and Kers BoT for Assetto Corsa.

Intelliboost need too many Performance :(

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@Schneeflocke after your last post was locked and your whining via PM about how it wasn't game related you obviously understood the rules. There is no patience for this; post a game topic again and you will be permanently removed.

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