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Working with rich edit

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Recently I have been looking at this rich edit plugin and I have some questions about whether you can do some things with them.

A) The appending function can either replace the entire contents of the control or append to the current cursor position. Is there any way to append to the end of the control's contents, regardless of where the cursor is? I tried _RTFAppendString(GUICtrlRTFGet($RTFcontrol),$RTFstring,0x000000,10,0,"MS Sans Serif") but it didn't work for some reason, and I expect it would slow down a lot for rich edits with loads of data.

B) Is there a way to scroll the rich edit view straight to the end of its contents? (like scrolling all the way to the bottom of a document) Or better, a way to make it automatically scroll down whenever new text is added.

C) How about a way to detect whether the rich edit is already scrolled to the end or not? (i.e. if you used the function from B, then used this one, it would return True)

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Last time I checked, RichEdits were a part of GUI development. At the moment I can't think of a more appropriate forum for this post to be in, but if you can, I will be happy to repost there (unless you meant that this should be posted in the related plugin topic, which I suppose could also be done).

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