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Trying to connect 2 PCs on LAN

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@Bhooshan in the future, please don't resurrect old threads, especially after over 9 years; the language has changed and what worked back then may not work the same now. Please provide a detailed description of what you want to do (obviously that means what you have above is insufficient, we need more detail, so please don't repeat your first post) and what you have tried on your own, so that we can help you.

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One way to do it, is to run two scripts, one on each machine.

Send TCP or UDP packet from one script to the other IP and port.  Listen for packet on the second script, and Send information from the packet as keys.

If both on the same LAN TCP and UDP should have the same consistency and UDP may have less overhead.

I am not entirely sure about my last statement, but you should be able to use either UDP or TCP.

Have a look in the help file at TCPConnect or UDPOpen.  I don't work with these enough to provide the exact steps atm.  They're not that difficult and I'm sure you can do what you want to do.

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