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$oExcel = ObjCreate("Excel.Application")
$oExcel.Visible =  0
#include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>
#Include <File.au3>
Global $arlines

WinActivate("MyApplication")        ;Activate My Application
Local $hWnd = WinWaitActive("MyApplication", "", 5)     ;Wait for My Application for 5 seconds

$oExcel.Application.WorkBooks.Open("C:\Users\Charlie\Desktop\Data.xlsx")    ;Open Excel file 'Data.xlsx'
local $iCell = $oExcel.Application.Cells(31,1).Value                        ;Read the value from cell A31

$file = @ScriptDir & "\Capture.log"

If $hWnd Then
    For $a = 1 to $iCell    ;STEP 1
;===> Once the script has sent the above formats to 'MyApplication, A log file (Capture.log) is generated. What do I add as a link so the script moves to ;the following steps    
        _FileReadToArray ($file, $arlines)
            For $i = $arlines [0] To 1 Step - 1     ; Script starts reading the log file from bottom up
                    If $arlines [$i] = "‡NOT VALID" Then  ;===> If I find the word '‡NOT VALID', then I want the script to go to STEP 1 in loop
                    Else    ;====> Else I want the script to do the following steps
                    Send("MB")  ; Continue sending formats to 'MyApplication'
                    $iNum = StringRegExp(FileRead($file), "(?sm).*^\h*(\d{1,3})", 1)[0] ; Read number at a certain location in Capture.log file
                    ConsoleWrite($iNum & @CRLF)
;====> Use the captured $iNum in the loop below. What do I add to proceed to the following steps
            For $i = 1 To $iNum
            Send("SET"& $i &"/USR")
;====> Go back to STEP 1            

I am a beginner and need help with If, then, else jump to specific loop in the script. Can I please get help with my script where I have multiple loops. I need to link the steps and also break the sequence and jump to specific loop if a certain condition is found in one loop. 

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