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    • By Seminko
      all I want to do is control VLC player without it being the active window.
      I tried this, but that only works if VLC is the active window:
      $VLC = WinGetHandle("[CLASS:QWidget]") ControlSend("","",$VLC,"{SPACE}") Strange thing is I tried similar thing with AutoHotkey and it works like a charm so there has to be a way.
      (I checked the VLC UDF but as far as I see it does not interacts with VLC itself, rather it opens "a new VLC" using InternetExplorer. This is not what I want to do.)
      EDIT: for some reason this works. Can someone explain why?
      HotKeySet("{F5}", "Pause") $VLC = WinGetHandle("[CLASS:QWidget]") While 1 Sleep(100) WEnd Func Pause() ControlSend("","",$VLC,"{SPACE}") EndFunc EDIT2: huh, did some testing and if I run the script and use F5 without VLC not being active first, it will not work even when I make VLC active. However, when I run the script make VLC active, press F5 then i works like it should, VLC can be minimized, made not active. Why?
      EDIT3: when using Ctrl+V it only works when the window is active, despite what I wrote in EDIT2. This is mingboggling
      Func Pause() ControlSend("","",$VLC,"^v") EndFunc  
    • By marcoauto
      I Have a GUI with 2 VLC instance inside. I use VLC.au3 for receive the rtp streams
      I can watch the videos and listen the audio streams.
      Is there a way to read each stream audio volume value? I would like to show near the video stream the audiometers
      I saw some scripts to show audio meters, but only with mp3 or wav files
      This is my script:
      #include <GDIPlus.au3> #include "VLC.au3" Global $vlc128, $vlc129 Global $video_path128 = "128.m3u8" Global $video_path129 = "129.m3u8" _VLCErrorHandlerRegister() $g_hGUI = GUICreate("VLC", 200, 298, 192, 124) GUISetState() Global $Graphic = _GDIPlus_GraphicsCreateFromHWND($g_hGUI) $vlc128 = _GUICtrlVLC_Create(10,10,180,144) $vlc129 = _GUICtrlVLC_Create(10,154,180,144) _GUICtrlVLC_Clear($vlc128) _GUICtrlVLC_Play($vlc128, _GUICtrlVLC_Add($vlc128, $video_path128)) _GUICtrlVLC_SetVolume($vlc128,50) ;set the vlc volume to zero _GUICtrlVLC_Clear($vlc129) _GUICtrlVLC_Play($vlc129, _GUICtrlVLC_Add($vlc129, $video_path129)) _GUICtrlVLC_SetVolume($vlc129,100) ;set the vlc volume to max Do Until False * Not Sleep(100000) ;do nothing, just sleep 128.m3u8 file:
      #EXTINF:321,Example Artist - Example title
      and 129.m3u8 file:
      #EXTINF:321,Example Artist - Example title
    • By vvb
      Hi All,

      I am trying to automate the installation and configuration of the latest version of VLC, V2.0.2.

      The automation of the GUI installation has no issues. However, when the script starts VLC for the first time, it gets presented a Privacy and Network Access Policy QWidget which has two QCheckBox and a non-standard button. I want to uncheck the QCheckBoxes and then click on the non-standard button but non of the standard commands work. In fact, the AutoIt Window Info is only able to pick up the widget title and nothing else.

      I can only get around it by sending: tab + space + tab + space + tab + space to perform the unchecking and clicking.

      Anyone know another way of doing this?


      Edit: Admins can delete this. Googling autoit+qcheckbox returned no results but autoit+qwidget did.

      Edit: Solved by exporting an existing config file and then after installation, copied the pre-canned config file over
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