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Minimizing everything on screen

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I was wondering if there was a way to minimize everything on screen when the program starts ? in a way that everything disapear to just see the desktop?

And then to do the inverse operation, to go back to normal?


I had learned that you can search the name of everywindow opened and then minimize it one by one, but it's difficult for me (i have never done that) and maybe there is a simplier way ?

thank you :)

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Win + D  ;Show desktop Work 100%


Win + M ; Minimise all Work 80-90 % 




"Minimize All" sends a minimize command to all windows.

However, some windows don't support the minimize command, and will thus still be visible.

In those cases, "Show Desktop" will get you to the desktop.

Note that the windows that don't support minimizing are still there, unminimized, they just become invisible.


Ah also a nice feature in Win 10 

If you start an application and you want to see only it. You can take it:  "shake" it by draging the tittle menu,  and all other windows exept that one will be minimised.

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