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How to allign text inside drop-down menus

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Hello guys, 



For this drop-down menu, I am retrieving 3 variables from a CSV file. E.g. the first column has the "0000", "000A", etc, the second column has "0009", "0007", etc and the third one has "Barra de Transporte" and so on. Is there a way to allign the "-" characters I am adding in between the variables in order to look prettier and easier to read?

The way I am adding data to that drop-down menu is as follows:

   For $i=2 to $Lines
      GUICtrlSetData($Lista, "[" & $File[$i][1] & "-" & $File[$i][2] & "] - " & $File[$i][8])

I have a couple If to treat some lines differently like the [0010] one, but that isn't important.

Thanks for everything.


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