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PixelSearch Problem or glitch?

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okay so i was using pixel search in a do loop, but once the part with that involves the pixel command is done and move on to the next  command, the next pixel command gives and error,  is it coz im using the same variable for both? if so is there a way around using pixle command without having to make a ton of variables for each one.

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HotKeySet("{F8}", "myExit")

$x = WinActivate("edited")

Local $bones = 1
Global $pix = True


For $a = 1 To 25

Func FindFish()
   if $bones < 25 Then
      $pix = PixelSearch(-1360, 21, -821, 541, 0xC88EDD, 5)
      MouseClick("right", $pix[0], $pix[1],1,1)
      Sleep (850)
      MouseClick("left", $pix[0], $pix[1] + 25,1,1)

Func myExit()
   MsgBox(0,"Exiting", "ecit")

thats the part thats stuffing up

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20 hours ago, FrancescoDiMuro said:


Edit the post after a Moderator/Developer has seen the rest of all the others functions/variables names (FindFish, Bones...), it's definitely not so smart from you :muttley:

How many times, exactly, do you need to be personally reminded to stay out of a thread in which a Mod is working? Do you really believe your little comments add anything to the discussion?

Edit: When your next comment leads to a vacation from the forum, we'll see if your response is the same :)

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