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Wanted: Hire Experienced AutoIt Programmer

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I have a small software development company that specializes mainly in increasing internet presence for small businesses. This means we do a lot of IE automation interacting with other sites based upon the needs of the current project.

We currently have 2 extremely talented AutoIt programmers on staff and have room for one more person.

This is basically a full time position that pays a set amount weekly.

We use both skype and discord extensively in our daily communications.

If you have any interest at all in a reliable/steady guaranteed income, please connect with me via PM and provide the following information...

1- How do you rate yourself in AutoIt programming experience [expert/extensive] - [moderate/comfortable] - [novice/still learning]

2- How many hours are you available to work each week.

3- What country do you currently live in. (we use this only to determine your daylight hours compared to ours)

4- What is your weekly pay requirement? (How much do you expect to get paid)


*Note* I didn't see anywhere that it was against the rules to make this sort of request, so I posted it. However, I enjoy being a part of this community and do not want to harm that in any way, so if this post is against any rules, please delete it or let me know and I will delete it.

All communications should come via PM here on the forum so that none of us have personal contact information flying around out in the open.


Thanks for reading.


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