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Problem with IE object and not updating properties when loading new page.

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So I am navigating to another page and am trying to read the html and check if it contains certain words to make sure I am where I am supposed to be. However after submitting the form and loading the next page, I am getting a problem with IEBodyReadText. It is displaying the html from the page I just came from. The script sits on the new page for a while and I tried adding in a bunch of sleeps to see if sitting on the page longer was a problem. It seems the $oIE object I am creating here does not update itself to the new page and I am not sure how to get it to. Check credentials simply waits for a message box to pop up and if it does, it will enter user/pass and then hit enter. It doesn't do any manipulation of the oIE object. I am at a loss and don't really know how to proceed as now I am on a new page trying to interact with it by using html from the prior page. Needless to say, everything after this point is not working correctly due to this. Is the problem with how the form is being submitted? I would imagine that _IEFormSubmit would update the $oIE object that the $oForm is connected to but if that were true, I suppose I wouldn't be getting this issue.

        $HTML = _IEBodyReadText($oIE)

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