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    • By Exit
      Au3toCmd  ---  Avoid false virus positives
      Since many virus scanners sometimes prevent a "compiled autoit EXE" from being executed as "false positive", the "*.A3X" format is a suitable format to avoid this problem.
      See here for more information.
      In order to simplify this procedure, I wrote the Au3toCmd script. Here a *.Cmd file is generated from a *.Au3 file. The necessary files Autoit3.exe and *.A3x are added to the "*.Cmd" file as "alternate data streams" "Base64" encoded data.
      Now the Autoit Script can be called by clicking on the cmd file and the anti-virus scanners do not recognize the "false positive".
      If the short-term flashing of the CMD window bothers you, you can click the desktop shutcut that runs in a minimized window.
      Unfortunately, because the "alternate data streams", this CMD file cannot be distributed via FTP or email.
      Only a USB sti ck or removable disk formatted with NTFS can be used.
      As the new version now uses Base64 data instead of ADS, this statement is out of date.
      For reasons of compatibility, the old version was sunk into the spoiler here.
      The script can be called with a file name of an AU3 script as a parameter.
      If no name is entered, a query is made.
      For more information, see the header of the script. 
      Suggestions, improvements and bug reports are welcome.
      Here the versions using base64 data
      Version: 2022.05.12  (Support blanks in pathnames)
      Version: 2022.06.23  (Support release candidates. Changed @CrLf to @Lf. Annual cleaning. Optimized #AutoIt3Wrapper handling)
      Version: 2022.07.22  (Support scripts with the same name but different content in different directories)
      Version: 2022.07.27  (Support blanks in usernames)
      Version: 2022.09.01  (Optimized annual cleaning)
    • By MarkIT
      Hi AutoIT masters,
      Good day! Sorry to have bothered this forum but we really need help. We are working on an automation project that is running on VDI server. The BOTS are in .exe are running fine until AV detected them and deleted the files. The files were re-compiled and AV kept on deleting them. The copy of the .exe BOT deleted were sent to Symantec for whitelisting. After whitelisting, it is no longer deleted but no longer working as designed (showing Line script error). We checked the scripts and there were no issues since we run it using SciTE editor and it performed the desired task. Good thing we found on this thread the solution using .a3x and the BOTS worked fine and no longer deleted. Now, the problem is they are asking why the BOTS won't run in .EXE and what is the reason behind Symantec AV deleting them. We raised a case with Symantec but they cannot provide further information as they are always seeing the file as "False Positive". We even tested with Symantec turned off and those .EXE files are working fine, however, after re-enabling, it got deleted.
      Just seeking help on how to better convince them that it is really Symantec causing the issue and the .a3x file.
    • By BigDaddyO
      I've recently been getting hammered by Symantec SEP deleting all of my compiled scripts so I'm trying to figure out how I could run my scripts uncompiled.
      Problem is, these scripts are typically launched from inside Citrix sessions that I don't have control of so I can't install AutoIT in there to get all the #Include files that my scripts are using.
      I tried to use AU3Stripper and while, yes that did create a single file and I could run it. it put it in a state that I couldn't easily maintain going forward.
      Is there any existing way to pull all the functions and drop them at the end of the main script?  Not sure about the Globals and Constants though, I guess they would have to go to the top which shoves everything else down.  I also need to maintain the current script spacing and comments as I often have to update older scripts and need the comments to help with that.
    • By Jblz619
      Hi there I have The smtp mailer by Jos working perfectly I wrote a user friendly GUI for it and everything. Just one question can you send signatures at the bottom of the email through the smtp. I assume maybe clipboard put and clipboard get to copy and paste the email into the body of the script email. Idk please help. Maybe use html idk im looking every where and can't find any awnsers.
      Maybe if I get the full html code for the email signature save it to a txt file. And then use file read and put it at the bottom of the email body? I will test it and let you guys know.
    • By Leo1906
      Hey there,
      I didn't really know how to name the titel .. so let me explain it a bit further.
      You all might know that a compiled Autoit-Exe gives an error message containing the Error and the line when it crashes. Often those messages aren't usefull because it states the line in the compiled script is not the line in your script if you have used includes. Decompiling the exe often doesn't help either. Well .. I don't want to start a discussion about the benefits of those messages.
      I just want to disable them. I want my exe to just fail an crash and that's it. Nothing more. When there's an error there's an error. Autoit is the only language I have ever noticed those message boxes.
      I think now you can understand me ..
      Do you know any way to do this?
      Some compiler options or so? Or is it that deep implemented in Autoit that it can't be removed?
      Thanks for your help!
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