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Advanced Input Box


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  • 5 months later...

Very good, thanks for sharing.

I have always thought I should do something with my two Dialog programs, to combine them as one, with added features to be fully featured.

Currently I have one program that creates a MsgBox, providing all the options for the standard AutoIt variations. It has a preview option of course, as well as an option to create a simple error dialog with one click. The other program is a viewer (and text editor), for when you may want to change or preview textual changes of a MsgBox. It will import the settings and export them, but currently doesn't provide a dynamic way to change anything other than typing (plus copy & paste) the text.

That said, maybe someone has already done that here .... I've not looked in a good long while, and no longer keep tabs on the Examples section like I once used to.

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This is really one of the best libraries in whole forum, I think.


There is just one mistake, in my opinion:
In line 464 of , I would await

                $vTmp = __advInputBox_objGet($aControls[$i], "selected", -1)    ; "selected" instead of "value"


Greetings from Germany


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Hi and thanks :)

See documentation of combo field

  type:  "combo"
  id:    "name" (must be unique, without spaces)
  label: "label text"

  options: ["option0", "option1" ...]
  value: 0|1|...|N OR "option0"|"option1"|...|"optionN"

  style, exstyle, color, bkcolor, font
  labelStyle, labelExStyle, labelColor, labelBkColor, labelFont

I named it "value" (not "selected"). This is to be consistent with other fields.

Same thing for list field.

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Yeaaaah, but.....
Using "value" (and the corresponding original line 464 in your code) seems to ADD e.g. the string "0" to the list and selects it.... 😐

Changing your code to "selected" seems to work as expected - at least for me!

Or do I use an old version of your library? I will check this...


Thanks for your quick response,



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Changing your example 2 shows what I mean:

; All controls
Func Example2()
;    Local $sJSON = '{ title:"Showcase" font:[10, 600, 0, "Calibri"] controls:[' & _
    Local $sJSON = '{ title:"Showcase" controls:[' & _
        '{type:"label", text:"Enter you personal informations (please :p)"},' & _
        '{type:"input", id:"firstname", label:"First name"},' & _
        '{type:"input", id:"lastname", label:"Last name"},' & _
        '{type:"combo", id:"sex", label:"Sex", options:["Male", "Female"], value:0 selected:-1},' & _ ; selected = 0 for male, = 1 for female ; or you can use the exact same string as in options "Male" or "Female"
        '{type:"date", id:"dob", label:"Date of birth", value:"2020/01/01", style:0},' & _ ; $DTS_SHORTDATEFORMAT
        '{type:"separator"},' & _
        '{type:"edit", id:"address", label:"Address", lines:5},' & _
        '{type:"list", id:"options", label:"Options", options:["First", "Second", "Third"], selected:["First"]}' & _
        '{type:"label" text:"I agree to share my personnal informations with big brother:"}' & _
        '{type:"check", id:"agree", label:"Yes", value:true}' & _

    Local $oRet = advInputBox($sJSON)
    If @error Then
        MsgBox(64, "Example1", "Dialog canceled")
        MsgBox(64, "Example1", "Return: " & Json_Encode($oRet, 128))

I guessed "value" being an error because you used "selected" there, but it didn't work.




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