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Can window cordinates be auto generated into script?

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Hi I'm new to autoit.

The program I'm trying to write a script for I usually have in windowed mode and I move the window around quite often, wondering if theres a way to auto detect the corners of it and automate it into pixel search when script is activated? I saw a few function references like WinGetPos and WinGetClientSize that sounded like they might do it, but then I don't know how to generate it in the script without editing. Is this possible?

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46 minutes ago, CoconutFlake said:

I don't know how to generate it in the script without editing

I'm not sure what you mean by this; but to answer (what I think) your question is, can you track an application window size and location dynamically, yes.

Those functions you listed would make for a good starting point.  the help file has examples you can check out and play with. 

Let us know where you get stuck.

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