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Was playing with an activex from HERE.

It's called WindowSystemObject (WSO), so when I use ObjEvent it returns an object called IControlEvents but when I click the button nothing happens (no close exit).

IControlEvents has an OnClick Interface.

Here is the code

Func ObjErrFunc()
    Msgbox(0,"*COM ERROR*",$wsobjErr.windescription & @LF & $wsobjErr.description & @LF & "Line=" & $wsobjErr.scriptline)

Func CloseForm_OnClick($Sender)

global $wsobjErr = ObjEvent("AutoIt.Error","ObjErrFunc")

local $wso = ObjCreate("Scripting.WindowSystemObject")

global $f = $wso.CreateForm(0,0,500,400)
$f.Color  = 0xff00ff
$f.Text   = "Au3 Test WSO"

$b = $f.CreateButton(120,70,120,45,"Exit")
$b.Color = 0xff0000
$b.Font.Name      = "Arial"
$b.Font.Size      = 18
$b.Font.Bold      = True
$b.Font.Underline = True

local $ce = ObjEvent($b,"CloseForm_")  ;returns an object nothing happens when button is clicked

; MsgBox(64,"@Error="&@error,StringFormat("Name\tType\n%s\t%s\n%s\t%s",objname($ce),vargettype($ce),objname($b),vargettype($b)))


Not sure what I am doing wrong?? I wrote the same code in AutoHotKey with ComObjConnect and it all worked. Even fired up VB6 using WithEvents and it also worked fine.

Any help will be appreciated.

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