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    • By argumentum
      The file is now at 
      I added a WOL, tidy up, and moved the file to the uploads section of the forum.
      Suggestions are always mostly welcomed  
    • By dmkirkland
      So, I'm appealing to the experts once again as I'm at my whit's end. I have written a script that processes different files and folder and creates a backup of those files using the 7za.exe file. The archiving process works perfectly. My cleanup process to remove all but the last 3 copies of the archives also works flawlessly. The issue I'm having is that it seems the script, contrary to what I assumed and hoped, seems to process without stopping. It will start the archiving processes simultaneously even though the commands are on separate lines. This presents a huge problem because the last step in the script is to have it cleanup a Temp folder created at script invocation. That Temp folder seems unable to be deleted because the files in that folder (yes they're totally different folders) seem to be in use when the script exits. I've read that AutoIT is not capable of forking or multi-threading (which now seems untrue). I don't mind the archiving processes running in parallel but if the cleanup process attempts before the archiving is complete and the temp files are ready to remove, the folder is not removed as planned which presents a problem for the cleanup process. Did I miss something with the capabilities of AutoIT in relation to forking or multi threading?
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