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Exit code 322122547

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Hello ,


Rarely my code Stops abruptly with the exit code 322122547.  How can i prevent it from happening?

say i need to Automate some 26 files, my code works well  for 15 files. after which it stops abruptly with the exit code.

so how can i handle exit code 322122547 what is it telling to tell me?


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Hi spoo :)
This error 322122547 is equal to hex "0xC0000005" => Access Violation error

When you wrote that "your code works well for 15 files", then it immediately reminded me of a Windows limitation (found in all Windows, including 10) where you sometimes can't do what you want with more than 15 files at a time (let's hope this is your case).

I had the same problem several years ago and a tweak in the registry was the key to bypass this 15 files limitation. Look at this Microsoft link, they will explain the key that needs to be modified (or created if it's not already in your registry)

Name : MultipleInvokePromptMinimum
Type : DWORD
Default : 15 (decimal)

Focus on the part where it's written : "a value of 16 is interpreted as unlimited".
I guess this should solve your issue but remember to backup your registry before doing this kind of manipulation.

There are plenty of similar links explaining how to solve this 15 files limitation, for instance :

Let's hope this will solve your issue as "your code works well for 15 files"
Fingers crossed and good luck :)


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