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Or if you know a specific page and not just the directory

Run('Start "www.bassreflex.biz/index.html" ' )

Oh, if you want to use RunWait with Start:

RunWait('Start /w "www.bassfeflex.biz/index.html" ' )

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Use Start is much better than using explorer.exe since it recal the system default application. Luckly not everyone is so dumb to really use Explorer.

In W2000 (and XP I think) to let it work you have to use:

Run('Start "" "www.bassreflex.biz/index.html" ' )

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Guest BassReFLeX

Why %input% isn't replacing with the number in InputBox ?

$input = InputBox("BlaBla","Blabla")

MsgBox(0, "BlaBla", "You typed number %input%")


WinMinimizeAll isn't like this anymore ?

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did you ever read the help file?

now %variable% do not work anymore (you can force autoit work old way setting an option, if you wish)

Now you have to do:

MsgBox(0, "BlaBla", "You typed number " & $input)

The text part are in the "" (or '') and the variables have to be outside. to connect use &s

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non of your Run theories is working...

by the way i have WindowsXP build 2600

below works fine for me.... what commandline did you use and what's the error ?

Run('Start "www.bassreflex.biz/index.html" ','',@sw_hide )

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