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WebDriver UDF - Help & Support (II)

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@Danp2 YES, I vote for an extra helper function!😀
To eleborate why I suddenly need to change the "capabilties"...
We used to start IE or Edge and do a Google on Chrome, download the setup-file and install the Chrome browser.
I developped a script that used Chromdriver within our company and everything worked.

Suddenly, after installing a new computer, the script didn't seem to work on this specific computer.
As a last resort I installed AutoIt on the computer to debug the problem and found out that Chromedriver couldn't find the Chrome.exe.

It seemed that on this computer Chrome had been installed as a x64 program within the "C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\" folder.
I remotely checked  over 50 PCs (all Win10 x64) and Chrome was always installed within the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\" folder, so it seems like something changed.

Googling I found that one can point the Chromedriver to the location of the Chrome browser by adding the location to the "capabilties", however, I could not get that working with my already "custom" one.
Hence, I justed installed the x86 Chrome on the computer and left this future change for the future... when "capabilities" would be better understood  by me😁

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