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[Help] Can't run the script more than one time

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Hi sir,

I have created a test script with GUI interface for my job, but I found when the test script finishes one cycle run and if I try to run it again then it will cause abnormal behavior, even I close the GUI and re-open it, unless I restart the OS.

No idea if it caused by the variables of last cycle run did not be cleared or not, I need your help on what thing I need to pay attention to, if I need a test script can be executed more times without restarting the GUI/script or even the OS, thanks in advanced.


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45 minutes ago, jackylee0908 said:

As I don't want to share my script publicly, I just sent it to you by message, please check it, thanks.

What kind of weird behavior is this? You are asking others for help with a script, but you are not willing to post it 🙄.

There is certainly a reason why the forum-rules includes the following sentence :


5. Do not PM other users asking for support - that is why the forum exists, so post there instead.



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