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Help - Dealing With Spaces

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I'm having the hardest time trying to detect a space.

I've been using aut 2 for about 1 1/2 years now and have become quite good at it.

I decided to write a script to do some folder/file management.

If I have the following folders

Test test - hello hello


I'm trying to segreate the front part from the back part.

i want to take hello hello and move it inside test test

and take testfolder and move it inside of blah

i can only do one or the other, i can get the 1st folder to work fine, but not the second, or i can get the 2nd line to work and not the 1st.

i'm doing this by searching for the "-" and doing an envsub 1 or (or not subbing a character)

what i want to do it detect teh space

but if i say ifinstring,search,, msgbox,0,info, a space was found

it doesnt work.

i've also tried ifequal,search,, msgbox,............. (etc etc)

i cant seem to detect that space..

any help is much apprechiated.


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Have you tried to work with a variable which contains that space ?

SetEnv, A_Space, <-- here's a space char

MsgBox, 0, SpaceCheck, |%A_Space%|




IfEqual, search, %A_Space%, msgbox, 0, SpaceCheck, I've got it !

I guess the majority of the guys in this forum would recommend to use AutoIt3,

On the other hand AutoHotkey which is based on AutoIt2 provides an %A_Space% variable and is backward compatible with AutoIt2. It's up to you if A2/AHK/A3 should solve your issue. :D

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Thanks for the replies. While i was waiting i came up with a work around using atool.exe (found on the yahoo autoit groups website)

runwait,atool.exe FindString " " "%blah%" 0

ifequal,errorlevel,0,msgbox,0,FindString_Result,a space was found

ifnotequal,errorlevel,0,msgbox,0,FindString_Result,a space was not found

that works for me. however i didnt want to have to use an external program to get the job done. so will try your suggestions when i get home.


As for my nick name.

Blitzkrieg as you may know is a german style of warfar (send everything at once - lightning wars) it's also a song by Metallica - Blitzkrieg

back in the day when i was on the net, long before ppp and the web, all i had was a unix shell account with my 19.2 modem. and you could only have 8 characters.. so i shortened it to blitzkrg

ironically - my entire family is pure english blood..

go figure :D

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Larry: your fix worked perfectly..


here's what i did with it


SetEnv, check, * *


IfEqual, check,*%blah1%*,goto, spaces

IfnotEqual, check,*%blah1%*,goto, nospaces

it now branches properly!! woohoo!!!

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