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I'm french, sorry for my english.

I release my project, a password manager : Password Keeper

First I would like to thanks Guinness and Melba23 for their help, and I'm very sorry for those I forget, please remind me to add you.

Well my program manage and crypt passwords, first I understand if you don't trust me for this kind of sensible software, but I remember you that all the the source files are at your disposal, fell free to explore them.

The login is : admin and you can change it later

How it work ? see Methode de cryptage en BDD.pdf in french




The main interface

You can obviously add,modify and delete your entry, also you can search with keywords


A password generator is included


I won't update it anymore.

It's a BSD license.

Autoit version :

Have a good day.

Methode de cryptage en BDD.pdf Passwordkeeper.7z

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