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The infamous FN key (not on laptop), how to detect / send?

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Hi all!

First of all, I searched a lot on the forum and on google, but I couldn't find an answer due to laptop-related questions or similar.

Before starting the question: the aim is to remap my GXT850 keyboard FN key, which is not software controlled (is a plug and play keyboard). I'm not here asking for a keylogger, I know how to do one by myself and I don't need to ask it here 😂 Jokin', I'm just trying to get this FN key code if I can :) Way more difficult!

So far I have some ideas and no clue on where to start from.

I would like to detect the pressed key on the keyboard without knowing the key code, the aim here is to find which code is this FN key so that I can use _IsPressed after this.

Actually the keyboard is plug and play, so I bet that the FN key is somehow "standard" because it's recognized by Windows without any software or customized driver support.

When I press FN+F11, for example, utilman shows up.

This lead me to think that the FN key here is somehow standard and therefore emulable.

That's why I was thinking of intercepting any pressed key, so I can press FN and I can get the code.

Thank you for any tips on how to do it, also other ways to do it are welcomed!

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Tested it with my keyboard hook and the FN key is not intercepted.  Seems that the key is totally internal to keyboard and is never sent to computer.

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