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So, for a long time we've (my work) been using a very poor practice when sharing encrypted email attachments. (step 1, send an email with an encrypted zip; step 2, send the password in a separate email).

In order to make exchanging encrypted attachments more secure, I put this tool together.  It generates a Password based on a (pre-shared) Key (shared manually via a secure channel), and a Passphrase.  The Passphrase is sent along with the encrypted zip and the tool uses the Key & Passphrase to re-generate the password used to encrypt / decrypt the zip.  

The password is generated by calculating a hash based on the Key and Passphrase, then coverts the first 20 bytes of the produced hash into a human-friendly password.

It also uses the CryptProtectData and Unprotect functions put together by funkey to save the Key (per user) in the registry.


Source available here:

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