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Help blind developer to improve GUI design for normal users (prefered Czech language and personal contact)


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Hello all!

i'm searching here, cause i do'nt know where else to search.. :)

I'm developing some projects, mainly intended to help Blind users of computers.


I'm also blind, so my guis are Ok for Screen readers, but i'm not sure, if they are good also for normal users..


So I¨m searching here for somebody, interested in Autoit, which have no problem to help me a bit with designating my apps.


My apps are written in Czech language, so i prefer somebody from Czech republic..


If somebody want to help me, don't hesitate to contact me personaly, contacts and my projects are available on web in my profile.


So thank you for potential help and i'm sorry if i missed some forum etiquette rule here.


I'm not sure how it works here with searching for interested people and then contact them personaly.



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