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Hi guys,

I am very much a newbie, but I am slowly learning by writting simple scripts.

#include <Clipboard.au3>
#include <File.au3>
#include <Msgboxconstants.au3>

Const $test_url  = "https://www.autoitscript.com/site/"
Const $hFileOpen = FileOpen(@WorkingDir & "\TEMP.txt",$FO_OVERWRITE)

; Open FIREFOX at https://www.autoitscript.com/site/

Sleep(60000)            ; Allow the page to open - no rush
Send("^a")          ; Select ALL text
Sleep(1000)         ; Pause for 1 second
Send("^c")          ; CTRL + C to copy text
Sleep(1000)         ; Pause for 1 second

; Write Data to File
FileWrite($hFileOpen,_ClipBoard_GetData ($CF_UNICODETEXT))

; Close Temp File

MsgBox(262144,"Completed","Data Written To File")

The above code basically just copies text on a webpage and outputs it to a file.  Works well. I understand AutoIT a little more now.

However, Send() doesn't work when my screen lock is on. :-(

Is there a simple tweak which I can do so that it does work when my screen is locked, bearing in mind that I am not a guru like most users yet.

I read somewhere the ControlSend works, but requires the browser "handle".

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


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    • By noellarkin
      This is for those pages that seem to load when you use _FFOpenURL(), but they have a text saying "please wait while we load your page..." but according to _FFOpenURL() the page has loaded.  An example seen in popular sites is the Cloudflare page saying "Checking your browser before...". It's the opposite of pausing a script until an element is visible on a page. It takes Elements in the form of id, xpath or text search.
      Global $BrowserPort = 4242 Global $TimeOut = 60000 Global $LocalHost = "" Func _FFWaitWhileElement($thiselement, $elementtype = "xpath", $timeoutms = 60000) _FFConnect($LocalHost, $BrowserPort, $TimeOut) Local $Element Local $ElementFound = 1 Local $TimeoutCountdown = 0 While $ElementFound <> 0 And $TimeoutCountdown < $timeoutms If $elementtype = "xpath" Then $Element = _FFXPath($thiselement) EndIf If $elementtype = "id" Then Local $ConstructXPath = ".//*[@id='" & $thiselement & "']" $Element = _FFXPath($ConstructXPath) EndIf ; MsgBox(0, "", $Element) Local $ElementXPathTextContent = _FFCmd("FFau3.xpath.textContent") ; MsgBox(0, "", $ElementXPathTextContent) Local $ElementXPathInnerHTML = _FFCmd("FFau3.xpath.innerHTML") ; MsgBox(0, "", $ElementXPathInnerHTML) If $ElementXPathTextContent = "_FFCmd_Err" Or $ElementXPathInnerHTML = "_FFCmd_Err" Then $ElementFound = 0 Else $ElementFound = 1 EndIf If $elementtype = "text" Then $ElementFound = _FFSearch($thiselement) ; MsgBox(0, "", $ElementFound) EndIf $TimeoutCountdown += 1000 _FFDisConnect() _FFConnect($LocalHost, $BrowserPort, $TimeOut) WEnd Return $ElementFound EndFunc _FFConnect($LocalHost, $BrowserPort, $TimeOut) _FFOpenURL("https://www.site.com/page", True) _FFWaitForElement("Please Wait...","text", 60000) MsgBox(0,"","Page finished loading") It's pretty simple, hope it helps some of you who are working with FF.au3 :)
    • By jasontj
      Hi.  I have the below script that I used the FF.au3 to control Firefox.  However now I can't get MozRepl installed since it's no longer supported.  I've got about 50 scripts like this for different website that I need to rewrite to control Firefox.  I also connect to Lotus Notes to update some docs with the results of searches I do on these website.  Does anyone have a good suggestion on what I can use to accomplish what I need done?  I would love a way to temporarily get MozRepl back running because this is causing my team a lot of work at the moment.  In the long run, I need something that will work on the newest version of windows and the newest web browsers.
      As you can see, I open an Excel spreadsheet, read 1 name at a time and put them into fields on a website to search.  This is just part of my script.  Any help on what direction to go would be appreciated.
      Thanks in advance!
      #include <File.au3>
      #include <Array.au3>
      #include <Excel.au3>
      #include <FF.au3>
      #Include <Date.au3>
      Global $sCellValueL
      Global $sCellValueF
      Global $RecordNumber
      Global $Session = ObjCreate("Notes.NotesSession")
      Global $Search_db = $Session.GetDatabase($serverName, "system\center.nsf")
      Global $Search_view = $Search_db.GetView("BGRPT")
      Global $sXlsFile = @ScriptDir & "\TX_DALLAS_CRI.xls"
      Global $sCheck
      Global $testStr1
      Global $testCode
      Global $sHTML
      $URLstr = "https://www.dallascounty.org/criminalBackgroundSearch/"

      If _FFIsConnected() Then
          $sHTML = _FFReadText()
          $testCode = StringRegExp($sHTML, "Any unauthorized use or misuse of the site or the sites information by Visitor", 0)
          if $testCode = 1 Then        
      $oExcel = _ExcelBookOpen($sXlsFile)
      ; Gets an array of MasterNumbers from the Excel file
      $INDEX = 1
      $sCellValueL = (_ExcelReadCell($oExcel,"A" & $INDEX))
      $sCellValueF = (_ExcelReadCell($oExcel,"B" & $INDEX))
      $RecordNumber = (_ExcelReadCell($oExcel,"F" & $INDEX))

          $oTextL = _FFObjGet("lastName", "name")
          $oTextF = _FFObjGet("firstName", "name")
          _FFObj($oTextL, "value", $sCellValueL)
          _FFObj($oTextF, "value", $sCellValueF)

      ;    _FFFormCheckBox("ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_CheckBoxList2_1", False, 0, "id") ; , "Criminal Cases", "name")    
      ;    $subButton = _FFObjGet("ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_Button1", "id")
    • By vkrisz81
      can anybody tell me is there any working udf for firefox? because the .15 version cant communicate with firefox. the first statement does not work . i know it worked because i tested it few months ago, but now its dead. after refresh firefox 2 weeks ago.
      is there any tip?
    • By stev379
      I work with the GPMC is on a VM that I RDP to. I need that RDP window to stop logging me out so frequently when I go to test a policy change on another machine and turn my head for 10 minutes. The next level up (of security staff), sets the 10 minute time limit policy so I can't edit that setting, but temporary circumvention is ok. I logon to the GPMC machine 25 times or more per day. Not exaggerating and I'm usually here for 12 hours so it's not as often as an 8 hour day.
      I've build a bunch of simple scripts with mouseclick or mouse move set to move the cursor a couple pixels and back again every 9 minutes. None of these seems to work though. They do move the mouse, but the machine will still go to sleep.
      I'm open to any alternate suggestions as well. Thanks for any help
      Sample 1
      Sleep(500) For $i = 0 To 10000 $MPOS = MouseGetPos() Sleep(500) MouseMove($MPOS[0]+2, $MPOS[1]+2) MouseMove($MPOS[0], $MPOS[1]) Sleep(540000) Next Sample 2
      $9_MINS = 54000 Sleep(3000) For $i=1 to 1000 MouseClick("Left", 300, 300, 1) Sleep($9_MINS) MouseClick("Left", 400, 100, 1) Sleep($9_MINS) MouseClick("Left", 500, 200, 1) Sleep($9_MINS) Next
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