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Text after #Region is not entirely considered a comment.

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It is about the keyword #Region. In the SciTE help it says:


There is an additional folding keyword #region...#endregion to permit really large blocks of code to be compressed.  Any text following these special keywords is considered a comment:

But if I write #Region in the first line and write a space+underscore " _" at the end of the line, the compiler considers it a line continuation character. Is this a bug?

This only occurs in the first line of a script! If I write a blank line in front of it, it does not happen and the script runs without errors.

To test this example insert it into the first line of an Au3 script.

#Region Bug only occurs when #Region is in the first line _
Func Example()
  MsgBox(0, "", "hello")



Currently I have written a function to read function heads from an Au3 script and format them in syntax notation. I discovered this behaviour when I wanted to remove the lines with #Region/#EndRegion and #Region was in the first line of a script.

My guess is that it could be a RegEx pattern. I had used this pattern first and made many attempts to fix it.

$sData = StringRegExpReplace($sData, '(?i)\n\h*(?:#Region|#EndRegion)(?!\w)[^\n]*\n', @LF)

Unfortunately, my RegEx skills are not good enough to change the pattern to make it work or to make such a fancy pattern. So I wrote a simple pattern that seems to do the job.

$sData = StringRegExpReplace($sData, '(?mi)^\h*(?:#Region|#EndRegion).*\R', "")

Can anyone confirm this, or have I done something wrong?


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12 minutes ago, Professor_Bernd said:

Is this a bug?

I would say yes, but this is very rare it should happen as not many people use any Directive (#) on line one and an normal syntax line on line 2.

so it is not just with #region but also with #xyz, where AutoIt3 should ignore any line starting with # and not being a Directive it knows like #cs/#ce.


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I confirm that behaviour.

So yes, since it specifically says any text after it is considered a comment, it looks like a bug to me.

You can submit it here https://www.autoitscript.com/trac/autoit


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12 minutes ago, Jos said:

this is very rare it should happen

I agree. I only discovered this because I also considered absurd constellations to secure my feature. Everything that AutoIt allows can be done by the user. :D


19 minutes ago, careca said:

Thanks for the link. I'll try to see if I can do that.


Thank you both for your answers! :)

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