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mousclick operation fail

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I have the problem  when i run the script the errror subsript used on a non accessible variable.

I dont see the problem

Thx for any help


HotKeySet("^!u", "_Pause")   ;[Strg]+[Alt]+[u]
HotKeySet("^!b", "_Start")   ;[Strg]+[Alt]+[b]
HotKeySet("{ESC}", "_Exit")  ;[Esc]


Func _Start()
While True
  #include <AutoItConstants.au3>

;website click
MouseClick("$MOUSE_PRIMARY" [,139, 13[ ,1[]])
;website refresh
MouseClick("$MOUSE_PRIMARY" [,85, 54[1[,10]]])
;accept cookies
MouseClick("$MOUSE_PRIMARY" [,1294, 725[ ,1[,10]]])

MouseClick("$MOUSE_PRIMARY" [,393, 16[, 1]])

;browserdaten löschen
MouseClick("$MOUSE_PRIMARY" [,641, 227[ ,1]])

;alle löschen
MouseClick("$MOUSE_PRIMARY" [,977, 675[ ,1]])

sleep (1000)

Func _Pause()
    While 1

Func _Exit()


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I see many issues with the code as you left the optional indicator characters ([]) in your commands. 
Look at the helpfile for those functions and their examples for proper syntax. ;) 


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18 minutes ago, Danp2 said:

What website are you attempting to automate? Also, which browser? Generally, there are better options than MouseClick for web automation.

which ways?


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