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Adding Command Line Parameter To Au3 Files...

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Often I need starting program with unusual command line parameter, so I love the small tweak Execparm, that you can download here:


Freeware, of course.

Unluckly it do not let you add parameter to au3 files if you do not fix the registry.

So if you want (and you should) have a right click option like Execute with parameters you have to install Execparm and import this .reg


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Guest rathore

u can do it all without execparm by just using autoit! what does it take? just use inputbox and ask params and then launch the target by parsing the params!

(i've not used execparm but if this is all it does then its not needed)

Edited by rathore
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ohohoh... yes. you are right! I dislike the {F2} read control text approch but still it is easy to do... I started using execparm so long ago that I am so tied to it that I forgot that you can actually make without it... Oh well..ò

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