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username & password not filling

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I am using edge browser to run one of my SAP BO Application using WD UDF function, when it opens the browser, log on page will come and i am trying to fill the username & password and click on log on submit using the attached script, but it is not working. not sure why it is not filling the username & password.

#include "wd_core.au3"
#include "wd_helper.au3"

$_WD_DEBUG = $_WD_DEBUG_None ; Could also use $_WD_DEBUG_Error
Local $sDesiredCapabilities, $sSession, $sElement

$sSession = _WD_CreateSession($sDesiredCapabilities)

$sElement = _WD_FindElement($sSession, $_WD_LOCATOR_ByXPath, "//div[@id='userName']")

;$sElement = _WD_FindElement($sSession, $_WD_LOCATOR_ByXPath, "//div[@class='logon_table']")
;$sElement = _WD_FindElement($sSession, $_WD_LOCATOR_ByXPath, "//input[@type='text']")
;I tried with other find element but none are working


$sUsername = _WD_GetElementByName($sSession,"username")

$sPassword = _WD_GetElementByName($sSession,"password")

$sButton = _WD_FindElement($sSession, $_WD_LOCATOR_ByXPath, "//input[@type='submit']")



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Below is the output, i am seeing many times it is giving output as Element not found:





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Codebox or a fileattachment would be better to share this.
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