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5 hours ago, svenkaasmaqn said:

i want to that when i click on r keybind r and 3 but with a 0.2 second delay, so first r than 3

HotKeySet("{ESC}", "HotKeyPressed")
HotKeySet("r", "HotKeyPressed")

While True

Func HotKeyPressed()
    Switch @HotKeyPressed ; The last hotkey pressed.
        Case "{ESC}"

        Case "r"
            ToolTip('Send "r"', 50, 50, '', 1, 1)

            ; Delay of 3 seconds for the effect to become visible (can later be reduced to 200 ms)

            ToolTip('Send "3"', 100, 100, '', 1, 1)


EndFunc   ;==>HotKeyPressed


By the way : Please provide a more detailed description of what you want to achieve.


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