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How to disable high DPI scaling for autoit GUI?

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When I use my autoit GUI with high DPI monitor, it gets blurry because of faulty scaling. How do I disable scaling for my GUI? I tried SetProcessDPIAwareness but it does not seem to work.

$__eDPIAWARNESS_Process_DPI_Unaware = 0
$__eDPIAWARNESS_Process_System_DPI_Aware = 1
$__eDPIAWARNESS_Process_Per_Monitor_DPI_Aware = 2

Func _WinAPI_SetProcessDPIAwareness($iPROCESS_DPI_AWARENESS)
    Return DllCall('Shcore.dll', 'int', 'SetProcessDPIAwareness', 'int', $iPROCESS_DPI_AWARENESS)
EndFunc   ;==>_WinAPI_SetProcessDPIAwareness


$gui =  GUICreate("Title")
GUICtrlCreateLabel("Hello World", 10, 10)

while GUIGetMsg() <> -3



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