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How do you know if a running app is a game?

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I know "game" is not allowed in AutoIt. But this is not about gaming, rather preventing it.

My kid is having online classes and obviously using a computer for it. I want to disable all games on his computer during online class time. I tried writing a script that constantly monitors running apps by matching the processname to a list of games. unfortunately, this method is untenable as he can simply change the exe file name.

Is there a way to determine if an app is a game simply by how it uses the graphics interface?


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perhaps you can solve your issue by using the opposite approach: "Everything forbidden except ...".

Search for "white listing (Microsoft Applocker) and  Code Integrity (WDAC)

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Another easy way would be to create 2 separate users for each child.  One for week-end and evening, one for week days and day light time.  You can create those users and enable parental control to specify time slots.  Then you can authorize/block access to folders depending of the users.

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something like this might be easy to manage for you too




that can block all browser games with one click. writing your own tool is going to be a big job, one which you may not have time for. i would opt for this tool because it's super comprehensive, you can monitor everything and get emails about it too so you can remote monitor

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I think the OP came here for suggestions on how to overcome something programmatically, not for a lecture on his parenting style. Let's either help him or don't, but keep the commentary internal.

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