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I would like to read the data from a GPX file.

I managed to read the Track Name, Track Description and GPX Creation Time.

But I would like to read the first GPX Point latitude  (trkpt lat) and the first longitude (lon)

Can someone help me with this?



Local $oXML = ObjCreate("Microsoft.XMLDOM")

$oShortcutInit = $oXML.SelectSingleNode("//gpx/trk/name")
$GPXTrackName = $oShortcutInit.text
    MsgBox (0, "GPXTrackName", $GPXTrackName)

$oShortcutInit = $oXML.SelectSingleNode("//gpx/trk/desc")
$GPXTrackDesc = $oShortcutInit.text
    MsgBox (0, "$GPXTrackDesc", $GPXTrackDesc)

$oShortcutInit = $oXML.SelectSingleNode("//gpx/metadata/time")
$GPXTrackTimeCreation = $oShortcutInit.text
    MsgBox (0, "$GPXTrackTimeCreation", $GPXTrackTimeCreation)

$oShortcutInit = $oXML.SelectSingleNode("//gpx/trk")
$GPXTrackLatitude = $oShortcutInit.text
    MsgBox (0, "$GPXTrackLatitude", $GPXTrackLatitude)



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do you have an example GPX file?

I saw an attached file link just before. Clicking that one brought up an error, now it seems gone?


CU, Rudi.


Earth is flat, pigs can fly, and Nuclear Power is SAFE!

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Local $oXML = ObjCreate("Microsoft.XMLDOM")

$sLat =  $oXML.SelectSingleNode("//trkpt[0]/@lat").text
$sLon =  $oXML.SelectSingleNode("//trkpt[0]/@lon").text

MsgBox (0, "Lat / Lon", $sLat & " / " & $sLon)


Local $oXML = ObjCreate("Microsoft.XMLDOM")

$oFirstTrkpt = $oXML.SelectSingleNode("//trkpt[0]")
$sLat = $oFirstTrkpt.getAttribute("lat")
$sLon = $oFirstTrkpt.getAttribute("lon")

MsgBox (0, "Lat / Lon", $sLat & " / " & $sLon)


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